Champagne Telmont - made to toast Mother Nature

Sustainably sip-able.

  • 22.12.2021

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As the festive period kicks off and we’re all looking for a tipple to celebrate with, the options are endless. But how do you take a sip of something this season that has a feel-good-factor within every bubble? 

Taking on the pioneering challenge to intersect luxury with environmental consciousness and a core focus on sustainability, Champagne Telmont is changing the landscape when it comes to premium alcohol.

Réserve de la Terre, the house’s organic champagne, is the exquisite expression of its terroir. With delicate aromas of candied lemon intertwined with almond and marzipan – this champagne dances on the pallet with delicate tension in freshness which culminates in a remarkable finish.

With its groundbreaking environmental approach designed to act “In Nomine Terrae” (in the name of Mother Nature) – The House of Telmont pursues the ambition to carve out an exemplary path towards 100% organic production. The brand has committed to its cause in five major ways:

#1: Preserving terroir and biodiversity: a vast expanse of the House of Telmont’s estate is certified organic, or is in the process of conversion. This ambitious transformation targets the conversion to organic agriculture of 100% of all cultivated areas by 2031. 

#2: Eco-design: as a Champagne industry-first, the House of Telmont has declared its focus on “the bottle and nothing but the bottle” by banning all production and use of outer packaging or gift boxes. In addition to this, the House will also transition to 100% recyclable bottles for optimal sustainability. 

#3: Renewable Energy: Champagne Telmont follows its eco-conscious path with investments in solar infrastructure and adapted energy. With an eye on sustainability from vineyard to consumer – the House goes even further with its green policy with an expanding fleet of electric vehicles. 

#4: Logistics chain: with a key aim to reduce greenhouse gases, Telmont’s transporters are strategically selected based upon CSR score. A ’zero-air transport policy’ for supply and distribution will also remain strictly in place. 

#5: Improving traceability: The House has committed to finding effective solutions than can be implemented to improve product numbering and label information, which created ease for more efficient monitoring and tracking, meaning conscious production and consumption.

Now you can celebrate in style, without compromising on your contribution to the environment. Corks off, party on!

Champagne Telmont is available at select venues in Singapore including Casa Restaurant, Tippling Club and Artemis Grill. You can also find Champagne Telmont here.