Valentino launches vintage programme, and more fashion news

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  • 31.10.2021

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Valentino launches a vintage initiative.

Come 2022, pre-loved Valentino pieces can be turned over to vintage stores in exchange for Valentino credits. Valentino Vintage is set to be the fashion house’s official foray into the pre-loved market. Partnering with a vintage store each in Milan, New York City, Los Angeles, and Tokyo, pieces will be appraised by the vintage stores and accepted in exchange for credits that can then be used at a corresponding Valentino boutique. Valentino Vintage is then set to officially launch in these vintage stores in January 2022 where anyone can purchase the pieces.

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Fabricant debuts a digital fashion co-creation experience.

Just about anyone can be a digital fashion couturier with The Fabricant Studio, a digital co-creation platform by Fabricant. Brands and creators are able to drop templates of digital garments into the platform, allowing users to add their own artistic interpretations. Users are then credited as co-creators, together with the originators of the template, and the creations are then minted on the Flow blockchain as NFTs — royalties are then split equally between everyone involved.

Xiao Zhan for Gucci.

Gucci has officially named actor and singer Xiao Zhan as its brand ambassador in China. With almost 30 million followers on Weibo, the announcement has reportedly caused a surge in Gucci sales with fans sharing their buys on social media as a way of supporting the actor and his ambassadorship. Aside from Gucci, Zhan is also an ambassador for Tod’s and Zenith.

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Salvatore Ferragamo reveals a limited-edition upcycling initiative.

Aiming to help promote a more circular fashion economy, Salvatore Ferragamo has launched Salvatore Ferragamo Icon-Up. This limited-edition capsule collection features a range of iconic shoes and belts by the luxury brand that are made from deadstock materials. Products and materials that were recovered from the brand’s stock, such as shoes and printed silks, have been reimagined into new items by the creative team and local artisans. The Salvatore Ferragamo Icon-Up collection is now available exclusively on and is limited to only 300 pieces.

Lacoste and iconic Peanuts characters come together this season.

Ripe for Christmas, Lacoste launches a new collaboration with world-famous comic strip Peanuts. Featuring characters the likes of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock, and Lucy, they’re splashed across a slate of Lacoste classics as graphic prints. While not necessarily tied to Christmas, there’s no denying that the vibe is quite a wholesome one and perfect for the season. Wear one while watching A Charlie Brown Christmas on the eve of the holiday for that extra warm and fuzzy feeling.

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Vogue Paris is no more.

Well, not quite. Vogue Paris has officially been rebranded as Vogue France. In a statement released by newly appointed head of editorial content Eugénie Trochu: “Creativity, culture, art and fashion are everywhere. They are the greatest vectors of inclusiveness and diversity. From Paris to Marseille, from Lille to Strasbourg, our identity is not born from a single place and Vogue represents the best of emerging talents and voices. We’ll build on a hundred years of defining cultural history, but meet the moment we’re in now and most importantly, reflect the France we live in today.” The first official issue of Vogue France launches on 4 November.

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