The Macallan and Bentley Motors join forces to create sustainably conscious products and experiences

Dream team

  • 09.07.2021

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Sustainability has been a popular topic of discussion over the past few years as the earth continues to be polluted by us. However, like the sun rising over the horizon on a new day, there is still hope because many of us are starting to do our part to minimalise our carbon footprint. Some of us have adopted zero-waste beauty products, growing our own produce, and upcycled clothing.

Many corporations have also outlined how their companies are moving towards greener productions – The Macallan and Bentley Motors have announced a joint-venture to develop sustainably immersive experiences and projects over the next few years for all their consumers.

With the priority set on achieving carbon neutrality for both parties, the partnership will focus on research pertaining to innovative sources of sustainable materials, locating and sharing such suppliers in the local region to produce products that balance luxury and sustainability.

Bentley’s Chairman Adrian Hallmark said: “We will learn from each other in the coming months and years to advance our programmes together, and on the way work on some truly extraordinary experiences, projects and products.”

Over a century in the business, Bentley has grown into a renowned brand in the automobile world for its ability to combine luxury and performance uniquely – the new Hybrid Bentley, an electric car, unveiled at The Macallan Estate in Scotland earlier this week is proof of how committed the motor company is to become the world’s leading sustainable luxury mobility company.

As part of the collaboration, The Macallan has invested in two of the hybrids in an effort to have a fully electric passenger vehicle fleet at the estate by 2025. The whiskey brand is also committed to continuing its environmentally conscious practices such as progressive packaging, partnering with sustainable suppliers, and giving back to the respective community while nurturing the estate that has served them as an inspiration for the single malt whiskeys during its 200-year-old history.

“Our collaboration presents a remarkable opportunity to compare our time-earned knowledge and learn from each other. We will generate fresh and contemporary thinking around our consumer engagement, our exceptional experiences, and ultimately our products,” said Igor Boyadijian, Managing Director for The Macallan.