What Scene Shang's founders Pamela Ting and Jessica Wong can't live without

Growing up in a family of creatives, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Pamela Ting found her calling within the art scene. Co-founded with her like-minded partner Jessica Wong, their contemporary homeware and lifestyle brand Scene Shang has become coveted for its distinct distillation of old-world Chinese aesthetics. It recently opened its second flagship at the newly revamped Raffles Hotel. Here, the founders share their most desirable and essential objects.

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Duo Broad Card Holder
We love this slim card holder for our essentials. Who needs a bulky wallet nowadays? We also love this as a thoughtful gift for anyone as there’s so many colourways to choose from to suit the likes of the receiver. What makes it even more special is being able to customise the card holder with names or words.
YUAN Mini Windows by Arthur P.Y. Ting – Chinatown II
We’ve always loved admiring Singapore shophouses, walking through heritage areas. This series of artworks by Arthur P.Y. Ting combines that love for heritage and architecture with art that you can adorn your walls with. We especially love the three-dimensional nature and detail of the artwork.
Binary Style – Peranakan Opulence
Both of us almost always have a scarf in our handbags - a handy and light item to bring along to keep us warm when in places where the airconditioning just gets too cold. We love Binary Style’s scarves especially so because of their Singapore inspired designs and lovely colours.
This Could Be Home: Raffles Hotel and the City of Tomorrow
Pico Iyer writes about Singapore and in particular, the newly refurbished Raffles Hotel, as we are living it today. A book that we would recommend to anyone who wants a light travel read, locals and tourists alike, about how and why such a great author who is so widely traveled feels at ease; at home in this city we proudly call ours.
White Pagoda Essential Oil
We love to use this scent ourselves and to gift to loved ones. We had this scent specially made for SCENE SHANG, to capture that warm comforting feeling that makes one feel right at home in any space. Everyone who steps into a SCENE SHANG Store always comments how lovely the store smells. A woody scent which carries hints of fragrant woods such as sandalwood and cypress, with the addition of bergamot and nutmeg, the scent feels both woody and fresh at the same time.
Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum
We’re fans of Sulwhasoo so choosing one product is a tough one. If we would have to pick out just one, it would be Sulwhasoo’s Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum. This keeps our skin looking young by noticeably reducing the signs of fine wrinkles. We also especially love the ginseng scent which makes us feel very cared for every time we use it.
THE BANKER Desk Lamp- Satin Emerald
There’s just something so classic about these lamps. Needless to say this is one of our SCENE SHANG favourites and both our homes feature these lamps right by our bedsides to accompany us for that bedtime reading or meditation. We especially love that click clack feel and sound that comes from the vintage style pull-chain, as if to wish you good night.