Stylish gardening tools and accessories for the cool gardener

Urban gardening is all the rage right now among Gen Z. Whether you have a bunch of succulents in your room or a rare variegated monstera plant in the balcony, the spiritual pursuit of gardening can only be heightened with the appropriate use of high-design tools and accessories. From a beautiful terracotta HAY watering can to a tiered plant stand by CB2, the stylish objects that we’ve rounded up below will get you excited to prune, snip, water, and get your hands deep in the dirt every day.

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Long Apron
Made from durable cotton drill, keep your outfit spotlessly clean with this long apron that's suitable for gardening, woodworking, and any other serious labour.
Garden Hose
Glam up your garden hose with this gorgeous eucalyptus leaf colourway.
Angled Plant Stand
Show off your beautiful plants and organize your garden with this double-layer stand.
Watering Can
This sleek watering is available in a beautiful terracotta colourway. The thin and elongated sprout makes it easy to water your numerous indoor and outdoor plants.
Pruner & Sheath
This Japanese-designed pruner comes with its very own canvas sheath that can be attached to your workwear pants.