Reusable, collapsible cups to hold your coffee, tea, and everything in between

On average, we consume caffeine like we do with plain water. And with single-use takeaway plastic and paper cups contributing to the landfill day by day, the least we could do (if we can’t seem to quit our addiction for espresso) is to either have our coffee then and there, or do the right thing by presenting our own cup. With sleek, shatterproof options like these available, your beverage of choice will be kept safe, warm, chilled, and however you like it. Some of them can even be collapsed, just to save room.

6 Results
Portable Ceramic Porter Mug
Elevate your morning ritual and reduce your eco-impact with the Porter mug. A carefully crafted ceramic mug is fitted with a protective silicone sleeve to create a reusable mug for your daily coffee or tea.
Nomad bottle
Made for iced or hot coffee, the Nomad bottle will come along with you, straw intact.
Stainless steel thermos travel tumbler
Japanese label Kinto's travel tumbler is crafted from stainless steel. It has an insulated interior to keep your drinks hot or cold for longer, while the exterior is an architectural statement all in itself. Completely seamless, it has been finished with a leak-proof lid.
Bamboo Reusable Cup Terracotta
Rocking a brand-new terracotta hue and cool as can be, this classic takeaway-style cup comes with all the convenience of a disposable version, hold the waste! Take your favourite brew on all your adventures or top up while you’re out with its generous size and screw-top lid.
Collapsible cup pocket
Ultra-portable and reusable, this limited edition sage The Paper Bunny x Stojo collapsible cup is great for all your coffees and teas on the go.
Ceramic Reusable Cup
Built with a ceramic interior, our cup is designed to provide a consistent temperature and flavour for three hours hot, six hours cold, to ensure the first sip is no different from the last.