Quirky OTT sunglasses

In this “anything goes” age we live in, it’s surprising that prescriptive guides to dressing for one’s body type or face shape are still being written. While some ‘golden rules’ have their roots in truth, they can also take a lot of the experimental joy out of fashion. We’d argue that it’s better to simply follow your heart, despite the perceived aesthetic unpleasantness of, say, oversized sunglasses on a heart-shaped face. In response, below you’ll find a tongue-in-cheek summary of the best sunnie shapes to suit your face — in spirit, if not in structure. *Wink*.

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Runway Sunglasses
Butterfly Frame Sunglasses
Rassine Square-Frame Sunglasses
Gold-plated Triangular Frame Sunglasses
Round Man Sunglasses
Cloud Frames