Quirky and unique lamps to brighten up your home

Lamps are typically associated to lighting up a room — as they were made to. But some lamps are more like tchotchkes, rather than a great, beaming source of light. Apart from being excessive pieces of décor, they can instantly transform a space and set the mood. Below, here are the picks that aren’t just illuminating, but also really cute and quirky. They’ll help jazz up your home’s interior…in more ways than one.

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Ceramic Pearl Shell Lamp
This ceramic pearl shell lamp is made with high quality ceramic and painted in pink. The pearl has a light setting that allows you to adjust the lighting, and you can also use the pearl shell as a jewellery plate. It creates a perfect atmosphere that is gentle on blurry eyes and is worth waking up for.
Balance Lamp
Made with high-quality materials, this light emits a soft glow. This clever balance lamp is a fun and interactive way to brighten a room. To illuminate the lamp, simply balance the 2 dangling spheres by attaching them together using the embedded magnets. Use this lamp as a beautiful office decoration or as a classy addition to your bedside table.
Follow Me Lamp
Price available upon request
Portable and rechargeable, FollowMe is a table lamp that can be taken wherever you go. Because of its small, warm, and self-contained character, it is ideal both indoors and outdoors. The oak handle beckons you to pick it up. Compact and small, it almost looks like a personal accessory. With a swinging lampshade made of white polycarbonate, it boasts a fresh, luminous look.
Rattan Wicker Lamp
A handmade rattan table lamp, this is suitable for both bedside tables and nurseries. Premium rattan materials from Indonesia have been used as there are different grades of rattan supplied around the world. This rattan material has been oiled specifically to tan the material in different shades as it ages. To assure the shipping safety, bulb is not included.
Vintage Tulip Lamp
This is an original and stunning vintage ceramic handmade lamp with delicate pastel tulips. The ceramic base is green and all is hand-painted. This unique tulip lamp is vintage from the 1950s, and is possibly a one-off. It’s a rare find, and the workmanship and colour is superb.
Moon Lamp
Based on photos captured by NASA satellite, using cutting-edge 3D printing technology, curves and mountains on the sphere has been designed to really portray the moon's surface. The mini touch switch is separated from the charging port, which is easy for touch control. With the special ceramic hand base, this lamp looks just like a true moon in your room.