Coolest music merch to buy right now

Band tees were all the rage before the 2000s. Fast forward to the 2010s, anyone from teenagers born in the 2000s to the cute guy at your local cafe is wearing a “vintage” Metallica or Iron Maiden T-shirt.

Music merchandise has since evolved from just simple t-shirts to an imaginative outlet that artists can use to express their creativity and persona. Big retail brands have started to notice the hype that these one-of-a-kind items exude. Take, for instance, rapper Travis Scott’s much-lauded collaboration with the Jordan Brand.

From Beyonce’s printed gear to FKA Twigs’ painterly wares, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest merch to get your hands on right now.

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All Over Logo Ar T-shirt
‘Beysearch’ Bodysuit
BMW M3 E30 Jackboys Edition
Price unavailable
God Is A Woman T-shirt
Magdalene ‘Woman’s Prerogative’ Silk Scarf
Spray Paint Ghoul Green Hoodie