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Healthy snacks to stash at home or on your office desk

The first step to adopting a healthier diet for yourself? Weed out the bad stuff like chips and full-fat chocolates and start surrounding the better alternatives around your table. Make these choices accessible to you just so that when the munchies come, you’ll find yourself reaching out for beneficial nutrients instead of calories that don’t do anything for your waistline or your overall health.

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Chili Beef Jerky
Get a load of our beef jerky — premium grass-fed beef from New Zealand cured with the finest selection of herbs and other delicious ingredients to give it a distinct taste. Instead of dehydrated or smoked, each piece of meat is air dried and preserved using a traditional Biltong recipe.
Rosemary Almond Nut Butter
Almond nut butters with rosemary and himalayan pink salt.
Banana Cacao Coconut Dream Bar
These Coconut Dream bars great are a snack for the lunchbox, your day on the run or keep them in the car or office as your go-to snack. The rich blend of coconut, raw cacao and banana will take you on an indulgent dream to coconut bliss.
NZ Raglan Coconut Yoghurt, Raspberry & Lime
Fresh and fruity with a zingy after-note, this flavour will ramp up your breakfast bowl with plump, juicy raspberries and zesty New Zealand lime juice. Free from dairy, gluten, refined sugar, and preservatives. Non GMO, paleo and vegan.
Peri Peri Lime Soya Chips
Made with gm free australian grown soya beans, these soya crisps are sprinkled with a mixture of fragrant herbs and peri peri spices like paprika and chilli, all put together with a dash of lime juice powder for added zing.
Antioxidant Trail Mix
A perfect medley of oven baked almonds, pecans and pepitas, rolled in a juicy jumble of cranberries, blueberries, and goji berries, topped off with a sprinkle of cacao nibs.