Gifts for the foodie in your life

There are those who eat to live, while there are others who live to eat. And by doing that, they value what they savour. Even if they all end up passing through the gut at the end of the day. Here’s to those who eat, drink, and make merry — celebrate the ultimate gourmand in your life with these special treats.

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Barre Infernale Pistache
This grand sensational 160g chocolate bar is considered to be an ace in Pralus’ sleeve. Barre Infernale Pistache the best example of unusual and extraordinary chocolate the merged outstanding fruitiness of Madagascar cacao beans with richness and nutty taste of its praline centre. Underneath a thick layer of dark chocolate, you will find yet another devilishly indulgent treat from French maker Francoise Pralus. Sweet and incredibly rich pistachio nougat hides delicious pieces of whole crunchy pistachio.
Buah Keluak Sambal
This sambal is redolent with the heady and intense flavour of the "buah keluak" or black nut. Enjoy as a dipping sauce for meats or use as a spread to add a classic Peranakan flavour to any dish.
Classic Cuvee
This historic estate in England’s sleepy South Downs broke the mould through the work of Head Winemaker Cherie Spriggs together with her husband Brad Greatrix. Growing only the three classic Champagne grapes, which slowly ripen to perfection in sheltered sites, Nyetimber has shaken up the wine world as it lives up to its mission to rival the world’s best sparkling wines.
Sven Pink Kettle with Wood Handle
Chantal riffs on its vintage-inspired tea kettle in this exclusive design destined to become a Crate and Barrel classic. The kettle refines its traditional curves with clean lines and the modern mix of its soft blush exterior and warm wood handle. Constructed as one piece, the kettle eliminates interior seams to prevent rust. The enamel finish is fired at high temperatures for a smooth glossy coating that resists fading. Listen for its beckoning whistle as you prepare pour-over coffee or tea and enjoy its fresh Scandinavian-inspired design. Suitable for all cooktops including magnetic induction, electric and gas.
Festive Selection 50 Capsules Assortment
From the smooth cereal aftertaste of Nordic Black, to the delicate notes of almond of Variations Nordic Almond Cake Flavoured, to the sweet jammy fruitiness of Variations Nordic Cloudberry Flavoured - discover our Limited Edition coffees inspired by Nordic indulgence. Complemented by Chiaro and Caramelito, this special selection will delight your penchant for sweetness.
Islay Dry Gin And Herb Planter Gift Pack
An exciting and unusual gin from Islay whisky distillery Bruichladdich, The Botanist is made in a Lomond still christened Ugly Betty and contains no fewer than 31 botanicals, of which 22 are native to the Southern Hebridean island itself. The latter include the likes of mugwort, meadowsweet and the enigmatic Lady's Bedstraw flowers, and the resultant dry gin is described, perhaps unsurprisingly, as 'floral'.