Cool high-design vases for the modern home

The one thing that millennials haven’t ruined? Houseplants. In fact, becoming a “plant parent” is all the rage now, if our super popular story on urban gardening is any indication. Every parent wants the best for their child, so besides good soil, water, sunlight, fertilisers and a whole lot of TLC, you should also sheath your plant babies in artful vases — no, sculptures — like these eye-popping ones we’ve picked out, below. Why, because like us, plants can sometimes do with some stylin’, too.

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Gilded I-Scream Vase
Touched with gold-tone enamel and featuring an eye-catching sculptural shape, this Jonathan Adler vase is another stand-out addition to the label's collection of unique home décor.
Marcantonio Love In Bloom Vase
A heart-shaped vase that looks like it comes out of a human anatomy essay.
Bump Vase Short
Inspired by laboratory apparatus, Bump is an exercise in the manipulation of the conical, spherical and tubular building blocks that we love to play with.
Love Handles Ceramic Vase
Anissa Kermiche's admiration for sculptor Constantin Brancusi's work is evidenced in the curvilinear form of this black Love Handles vase.
Mask Ceramic Vase
How about a lavender-colored vase to put some lavender flowers into. Elevate your modern home interior with this sweet little number.
Mondri Vase
Embrace your artsy side with this quirky multi-colored vase. A combination of three vases in one, you can choose which vase design you want depending on the flower or mood you are in.
Muses Vase
The sleek pale-colored vase will seamlessly blend in with the rest of your home decor. Place this on your living room tablet to give it an extra pop.
Made in terracotta, the same material used on the warrior sculptures for the great Qin Emperor.  Preserve your legacy with this dusty brown vase which is crafted in Los Angeles.
Epoca Vase
Add some color into your home with this royal blue vase. The wavy design featured on the porcelain vase is sure to add some new dimensions to your interior.