The best fashion picks from Design Orchard

COVID-19 is putting a halt to most of what we thought were our best laid plans. Vacations are indefinitely postponed. Dinner parties are called off. The only kind of concerts or comedy shows any of us are attending anytime soon are those pre-recorded for Netflix. Uninterrupted however, is our access to latest fashion, for which we can thank e-commerce. Sure, lingering at Design Orchard may not be the best idea at the moment. But then again, their best offerings are all available to shop online. Hey, who said your work-from-home get-up should consist (only) of sloppy sweats and two-day old loungewear? In our experience, productivity is boosted when you’re dressed for the occasion. And since you’re spending that good dollar anyway, allow us to suggest keeping the Singapore economy afloat by shopping local. We are in this together.

9 Results
Ruffled Wrap Skirt
Phoebe One-Piece in Amber
Miller 9″ Tan Canvas
USD 680
Voyage U Earrings
Trinity Dress
Cocoon Dress with Back Detail- Flame
Origami Lover Skorts
Liberty Rose Gold Bracelet
MTO P3 Classic Sunglasses in Tortoise and Crystal