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Every big life transition is all about the journey and never solely about the end. A significant milestone would have to fall on getting our first keys to our BTO flats, and perhaps other resales. But the happy ending doesn’t come just yet — renovations are next on the stressful agenda. Of course, the process can be a fun one too, just depends how you choose to go about it.

It’s a tedious process, and nobody wants to flip through a bulky home-furnishing magazine or an IKEA catalog, which just doesn’t cut it anymore. Inspiration and decor ideas for the home can arise from all places, especially Instagram. Here are some accounts by Singaporean homeowners that will point you in the next best step, on how to do the most with your new living space. After all, the goal is to live our best lives in the most stylish houses.

Best for styling tips: @thehomeodyssey

Interior blogger Vivienne Shen updates her grid with classy interiors of her own home and of the many places she visited in the past. During the bulk of 2020, she and her husband bought a shophouse and embarked on a huge renovation, which is documented in her highlights. Stay tuned as she reveals her new home – room by room – and how she incorporates texture and different materials to make it pop.

Best for stylish minimalism: @sixthfloor.revival

Buying a resale flat comes with a whole bunch of issues – broken cabinets, tarnished metalwork, faulty appliances, and more. This couple decided that enough was enough and transformed their home from a dated apartment to a Scandinavian-styled dream. They even have organisational tips that will elevate your home to the next level.

Best for local infusion: @ourgreennook

Nadiah and Ridzwan dedicated their account to showcase how they were able to inject Singapore aspects into a modern home – as well as being plant parents. Peep at how they’ve incorporated wicker decor and vintage pieces, such as a sewing machine, with modern furniture right in their living room – simply gorgeous.

Best for boho-chic: @habitamp

Bohemian stylings have made their way from the states and Europe to Singapore with their casual and relaxing charm. Much like an outfit, it is always hard to mix and match prints. But this couple doesn’t shy away from bold textures and designs yet everything looks perfect the way it is.

Best for bigger spaces: @surinsanctuary

Moving into your dream house with loads of space to let your design creativity shine? Amazing, but you might be a bit lost on where to start. This account documents their art-deco “forever home” project, from start to finish. There’s definitely more to come so you might want to keep your eyes peeled.

Best for pops of colour: @koalastays

Now, this couple does not shy away from colour and shapes whatsoever. Minimalism can get boring at times so it is natural for some to want to jazz up their area with something bright and uplifting. From the paintings on the wall to the cushions on their couch, there is always something to look at. The lady of the house even painted a mural spanning across a couple of walls, which adds to their unique flair.

Best for modern interiors: @atinymodernluxe

If you’re a fan of interior design, you would have definitely watched a couple of YouTube videos revolving around the extravagant houses of celebrities. Although many of us may not be able to afford it, we can always aspire to add little touches to give it that classy and exquisite feel much like what this account has featured. A beautifully detailed placemat here, an interesting coffee table there, and a marbled wall to say it all.