Seoul Fashion Week: The best street style from fall/winter 2018


All the fashion, style and hype from Korea town

On the world map of fashion, it's easy for cities Milan and Paris to shine brighter than the rest. Home to the industry's heavyweights, their tight rosters of exceptional designers sees jet-set editors zipping into town for a show or three. Each season, its street style welcomes a sea of familiar faces kitted out in a carousel of the runways' biggest hits — but Seoul Fashion Week (and, Korean fashion) is a different story. 

While Korean designers have yet to truly hit their stride, the city's street style scene is unrivalled. Think: the big four (New York, London, Milan and Paris) on steroids, combined. Above, Seoul's style savvy stunting local duds and international labels alike — powering up on hype. 

What: Seoul Fashion Week fall/winter 2018
Where: Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul, South Korea
When: 20 March - 24 March 


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Text: Andrea Sim

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