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In the spotlight this week:
Rouge Dior Ultra Care

The beauty industry has seen a seismic shift in 2019. We won't bore you with facts and figures, but for the first time in forever, cosmetics have taken a backseat while skincare rules the roost — a reign that will continue to prosper, thanks to many a growing wellness and self-care movements. Need proof? Take a gander at Michelle Obama's #WellnessWednesday. Is it any wonder then, that makeup is now advancing quicker than ever into new territory, intent on delivering a multitude of benefits all while prettying your moneymaker? The Rouge Dior Ultra Care is a shining specimen. Available in liquid and lipstick variations, they promise 12-hour wear, a pearly-matte finish, and an oil-infused formulation located at the heart of the former (see: the white 'CD') to pamper your pucker. It houses the key ingredients: a derivative of jojoba oil extract that strengthens the skin barrier function and limit water loss, ensuring a nourished, hydrated pout coated in a pigment-packed hue. Is this the perfect amalgamation of skincare and makeup? We're incredulous, but intrigued. The Buro. Beauty Club sets out to investigate.
A Good Weird
There comes a time in one's life when one feels like they have felt every sensation and feeling in the world. Nothing is foreign. Not overwhelming bliss, not unadulterated anger, not blinding passion, not deafening awkwardness. In a sensationalised world, there is no new sensation. So imagine my surprise when I swiped on the Rouge Dior Ultra Care lipstick and smacked my lips.

What. Is. That.

I immediately waved my arms at beauty writer Emily, beckoning her to try it. She too, was gobsmacked. It seemed neither of us could register that our lips were red as rubies, and soft as rose petals. They were painted heavily, and felt light as air. Such is the marvel of the new lipstick by Dior. And when that colour stayed on without bleeding for hours, we realised it was the end of the old world as we knew it.

Ok, so that's a bit of an exaggeration, but there should be no question we were in the company of a seriously stellar lip product. The Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid, the liquid lipstick version of the range also lived up to the almost-impossible reputation of the OG formula. The mousse-sque texture made my lips feel like they were two fat clouds in constant. Soft. Supple. Plumped. Alas, it's not all rainbows and butterflies, though it came close. Dior needs to come up with more exciting colours than red, redder, and more red, and improve on their staying power. But if that comes with sacrificing the moisturising, nourishing formula, I say don't fix it if it ain't broke

Jolene Khor

Lipstick, but Lip Balm
With already so many lipsticks on the market, is there room for another? Haven't we created every possible formula there is to create? Dior doesn't seem to think so! Hence, they came up with Rouge Dior Ultra Care, a weightless lippie range infused with flower oil.

The first one up for my review is the lipstick. The packaging is really pretty. As I twist the base, I noticed how small the actual lipstick is! If you wore it everyday, it would be gone within a month, two tops! And you could wear it every day, because it feels very moisturizing which makes it very wearable for a red lipstick; the texture is almost like that of a lip balm — not sticky or tacky. At the same time, the formula is quite pigmented but also slightly sheer, so you can swipe on a second layer if you want bold lips. It leaves a slight dewy shine finish. I wore this to a concert and I didn't need a single touch up, so in terms of wearability — I love it!

The second lipstick is a liquid version. Again... it's pretty small in size. The applicator is a tear shape — the tip is small, making it easy to be precise, while the base is big, so a single swipe is easy peasy. Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid has a whipped mousse texture and is super pigmented. Despite having a matte finish, it didn't crack or cake. Unfortunately, Bliss and Bloom were colours that didn't work for me, so the chances of me wearing them again are quite low. But perhaps in a different colour, this could have been a real winner.

Fiona Bennett

Dream Cream
The Rouge Dior Ultra Care range infuses skin care into its tribute to floral lipsticks, so naturally, I wanted to know what those skincare ingredients were. One of the two flower oils, I was familiar with. Neroli flower oil comes from the bitter orange tree and is most commonly used as an ingredient that helps with acne. It stimulates skin cells, thus giving it regenerative qualities as well as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory results. I found out that the emollient, Camelina Flower oil, is a skin moisturiser rich in vitamin E and omega — they protect from skin radical damage helps to improve overall tone. To have all these benefits in a lipstick is quite impressive.

One of my favourite shades of the raw reds I played with is the 808 Caress, which is meant to emulate the rosewood flower. The colour is described as a lychee pink but when applied to the fairest of skin tones, it comes off as a light red. On medium skin tones, I would almost describe it as a pink brick; on deeper skin tones, a complimentary pop of bright pink-nude. With a velvety matte but creamy finish, this lipstick provides lips with so much moisture and nourishment that it almost feels weird to have this much comfort while wearing lipstick.

To be able to wear what feels like a thick lip balm but in strong shades of red sounds like a dream, but you may perhaps find yourself having to reapply this often as it does transfer easily. Though the positive side of that is that it wipes off easily. No staining whatsoever.

Christian Maranion

More Colours Please
I'm going to jump right in: Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid is a huge win! The formula feels oh-so-smooth and velvety on the lips. Unlike other liquid lipsticks, Dior has created one that doesn't crack or crumble when it comes into contact with moisture. Camelina and sweet almond oils, when combined with shea butter, make a great moisturising lip product that can prevent chapping. Now, the lipsticks. Infused with flower oils, it's said they deliver ultra lip nutrients in a 12-hour wear. They definitely deeply moisturise, and you realise this the moment the product comes in contact with your skin. You can just tell they will care for your lips. Super soft, they look great with your casual or no-makeup makeup look.

However, they are not ideal if you're going glam or you need a colour that will stay on for hours without touch ups. The lipsticks and liquids don't come in shades that look great on every skin colour. I'm a slightly tan, brown-skinned girl with warm, golden undertones and the floral-red hues don't complement me. What I generally look for in lip shades is their ability to either make my eyes and hair to stand out, or for my lips to look full and plump, and this collection unfortunately doesn't suit my needs.

When it was time to remove them, I was pleased to find that they can be easily removed with one swipe of a wet wipe or tissue — while not so great for extended wear, it's great for for your lips in the long run. You don't want your lippies to be ultra staining and hard-to-remove, because it means you'll have to adopt harsher methods for removal. If you're after something lightweight and lip-balmy, but in assorted shades of coral and red, Dior has what you need.

Monica Selva De Roy
Rouge Dior Ultra Care and Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid are available at all Dior counters.
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