Best skincare products in May: Fresh, Fenty Beauty and Vichy amongst others

Best skincare products in May: Fresh, Fenty Beauty and Vichy amongst others

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Text: Emily Heng

May has drawn to a close, and with it, yet another eventful month within the beauty sphere. We've divulged the drama, tracked the trends, and discussed the best makeup launches. This leaves us with just one last item to cross off our agenda: the best skincare releases in May. From highly anticipated launches that lived up to their hype, to reformulated classics that are back better than ever, we round them up below.

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask

Claiming to be a next-level sleeping mask, this recently reformulated offering from Fresh certainly does make good on its promises. Begin the two-step mask by slathering your face in a cooling gel essence, letting it sink into skin thoroughly (we estimate around five minutes or so) before locking it in place with the water-cream mask. Its potent combination of rosewater, damask rose extract and hyaluronic acid gave us fresher, brighter skin the next morning that smelt faintly of roses. Our only gripe? The meagre partition between both solutions that sometimes leads to the two separate solutions to, uh, cross-pollinate. Maybe our butter fingers are to be blamed.


Shiseido Waso Reset Cleanser Squad Set

Perfect for travel, this cleanser trio (each privides two to three washes) by Shiseido comes packed with skin-nourishing plant extracts, seaweed, as well as agar jelly scrub that cleanse skin of build-up and debris effectively — without leaving a tight, squeaky clean sensation often associated with harsh cleansers. Choose between Wild Green (okra), Good Vibes (plum and citrus) and Romantic Dream (sour berry); they're similar in formula, different in scent. The juice box packaging also adds a certain element of fun to a mundane task, though it can get messy. Uncap and squeeze gently over the sink, please.


Vichy Normaderm Phytosolution

Pimples, blackheads and dilated pores are improved upon with sustained use of Vichy's latest skin saviour. Deemed ideal for those with oily, acne-prone skin, this treatment solution works as both prevention and cure. Eradication of acne and blackheads aside, its formulation also ensures that sebum and lipid (aka oil substances responsible for aforementioned skin conditions) production is significantly reduced; skin barrier function is further strengthened too. A week or two of use controlled our shine, and we didn't always need to blot after lunch. Praise.


Fenty Beauty Pro Kiss'R Lip-Loving Scrubstick

While not technically intended for skin, we're loving this exfoliating lip scrub provided in a handy twist stick. Not only does it make for easy on-the-go application, it comes formulated with gentle apricot seed scrubbers that don't make a mess err'where whenever we swipe it on. On top of making lipstick application that much easier, it smells divine, too.


Senka A.L.L. Clear Sheet Makeup Remover Wipes

Pigment-packed swatches and full-coverage foundations disappear with just a quick swipe of these makeup remover wipes. Don't expect any greasy, sticky residue after either. Our skin still appeared plump and bright (as opposed to irritated) despite our multiple attempts at scrubbing ourselves with it — oh, the crazy things we do to test a product's efficacy. Available in both full- and travel-size, both sealed with airtight lids.


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