Petra Strand on Her Career Journey and Beauty Hacks for Cheating 8 Hours’ Sleep

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We meet Petra Strand, an industry veteran and the inspiring entrepreneur behind Pixi, a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand loved by A-listers and TikTok influencers.

Starting her career as a model, Petra has always been captivated by makeup. “Fascinated by what makeup artists were doing on shoots,” she later became one herself. Entrepreneurship runs deep in her family, spanning four generations of strong women. Her great-grandmother owned a cafe, passed down to her grandmother, and her mother ran a home for orphan girls. Petra founded her company when she was 26 years old. After years of building and watching Pixi growing into a global brand with offices in Los Angeles, London, and Singapore, she isn’t resting on her laurels even today.


Pixi products are like a wake-up call for the skin. Growing up in Sweden, Petra was inspired by the folklore of fairies, naturalness, and freshness, which became the DNA of Pixi. Its mission remains the same as it was 25 years ago when the first London Boutique was opened: simply to bring out the natural beauty in everyone. Pixi beauty makes you “feel like you, only better.”

Below, Petra reflects on juggling the roles of entrepreneur, wife, and mother of four (with Pixi as her fifth) for 25 years. She also shares her beauty routine along with some secret hacks for cheating 8 hours’ sleep.

Can you walk us through a typical day in your life, balancing the demands of being a mother of four and running a successful beauty brand?

There are very few typical days, as Pixi is an international brand, and I work across our three offices. Leading the Product Development Team, I ensure each product exceeds expectations and delivers excellent results, whether skincare or color. Serving as a touchstone for major business decisions,  I have been committed to Pixi for almost 25 years and have ‘raised’ Pixi as well as four children. I love what I do, so it does not feel like a sacrifice; it’s a life choice.

Can you share some memorable moment or experience that has shaped your approach to entrepreneurship?

There are so many, but I think creating Pixi and launching it in our little store in Soho, London, encapsulates that. I had a vision of what Pixi could become, and I have stuck to that single-mindedly. I created the first collection of Pixi from a genuine perspective of what I needed for myself as a busy working woman and professional makeup artist. That was the starting point and impetus for every product, and it still is now.


Working alongside family members can present both opportunities and challenges. What have been the most significant challenges while working with your son, Felix Strand as the President of Pixi beauty?

Felix Strand, President of Pixi Inc.

One of my life rules is to try not to see situations as challenges, but to really focus on solutions. Working with family is actually a wonderful experience, as I know how hardworking, talented, and committed he is. I also view the Pixi team across the three offices as an extension of family too. Felix and I share a professional respect that transcends the family dynamic. I am very intuitive about Pixi, and so is he. Although we sometimes have a different approach, we both have the same outcome in mind—making Pixi the best brand for skincare and color that we can. With Pixi, it does take a village!

As a mother and entrepreneur, how do you prioritize your time and manage your responsibilities effectively?

When you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are starting up and establishing a business, there will be some things that you won’t have time to do. I have had to train myself over the years to have downtime, shut my laptop down, and be present with my family. My natural state of mind is WORK and PIXI.


With four kids, time might be a luxury. What are your top beauty hacks or quick routines for busy moms who want to look and feel their best without spending hours in front of the mirror?

I have a streamlined daily routine of key skincare and touches of color that enliven my skin. However, I reserve self-care time for the weekend when I bring in extra skincare steps like masks to maximize health, vitality, and, of course, maintain the glow

My top Beauty Hacks:

-When using your face masks, add in a couple of drops of Pixi Rose Oil Blend for normal to dry skin and the Clarity Concentrate for combination to oily skin (as a booster).

-Always having a Mist in my bag and even on my desk to layer weightless moisture into the skin.

-No matter how tired and exhausted you are, cleanse your skin at night.

-Using a peach color corrector under your eyes instead of a thicker skin-tone concealer (the Pixi Correction Concentrate) is perfect, as it is formulated to color correct the appearance of dark circles, magically making you look like you’ve had 8 hours of sleep.

-Exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick by sweeping Pixi Glow Tonic over them; it will gently exfoliate and leave your lips smooth and ready for your lip color.

-Never forgo blusher; it really creates a fresh pop of color and revitalizes the complexion.

-Try using a fixing mist as a water primer under your base in hot and humid weather. Additionally, a fixing mist like Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist is perfect for this.

Your brand advocates for sustainability and eco-conscious practices. How do you incorporate these values into your products and business operations?

We are a brand that is vegan and cruelty-free. We have collaborated with the same labs for almost 25 years, and they uphold the same core values as Pixi. The eye patches, sheet masks, and the new CapsuleCare (serum in a capsule form) are all biodegradable. Many of our products are multitasking, ensuring they are fully utilized with no waste. We use the best quality ingredients, sourced ethically and sustainably. As a brand, we are always striving to be the best that we can be.

What do you think about the Beauty consumer in Asia (particularly Singapore market). Could you share some challenges navigating cultural differences and consumer preferences in this region?

We always strive to ‘Think Globally & Act Locally.’ I appreciate the attention to detail and the passion about beauty of consumers in Asia. In many ways, these consumers and the Beauty Community are well-informed about ingredients and are searching for efficacy and results. I love rising to the challenge of engaging with these consumers and creating skincare and color products that excite them.
We are so lucky to be beloved by so many people in Asia, primarily because as a brand, we are known and supported on social media by amazing content creators. We are agile as a brand and have pivoted to show our appreciation.

Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs in the beauty industry, based on your own experiences and lessons learned while building Pixi into the brand it is today?

As a brand, Pixi is still independent and family-owned, so over the years, many things have rested on my shoulders. I have always trusted my gut instinct and tuned out the noise. In the beginning, we would keep the store door open way past closing to ensure we made enough for the rent, and every penny went back into the business. Although it’s been many years now, I still vividly remember those times and am grateful for the journey I’ve had with Pixi.