Kylie Baby is here, and other beauty news

Everything that happened in the beauty sphere to catch up on.

  • 26.09.2021
  • By Emily Heng

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1. Kylie Baby is now a reality.
It seems congratulations are in order, because yes, the Kardashian-Jenner clan are adding yet another beauty label to their burgeoning portfolio. Touted as “gentle, clean, conscious baby care,” its first drop comprises a shampoo; conditioner; bubble bath; moisturising lotion; and what appears to be an exfoliating brush as well as a detangling comb. The goods will be available online come 28 September — so be sure to memorise ‘em credit card deets before that. Remember: Fastest fingers win.

2. Doja Cat is dropping some makeup.
Unfortunately, it’s not a self-created line. Rather, she’ll be working with BH Cosmetics to launch an exclusive range. No exact specifics have been released as of yet — though cryptic Instagram posts on the BH Cosmetics page hint that it is an eyeshadow palette; a “fantastical future of sumptuous colours and textures.” How intriguing. Fans have reacted appropriately by conducting several meltdowns in the comments section, with celebrity makeup artist Manny Gutierrez summing it up best: “It’s an absolute YES from me.”

3. Rihanna divulges the first thing she did as a billionaire.
The makeup mogul — and owner of a beauty empire valued at USD$2.8 billion — reportedly ordered Chinese food immediately after hearing about her newly-instated billionaire status. In an interview with The Cut, she divulged that it her order comprised fried wings and chicken fried rice. “I usually do pork fried rice, but that day was chicken fried rice,” she shares. She then proceeded to get right back to work. #Goals.

4. Elizabeth Olsen debuts a new hair look at the Emmy Awards.
A wavy bob that has been dubbed “the perfect-length bob” by critics and her hairstylist, Adir Abergel, apparently. According to Abergel, the spontaneous snip was inspired by Olsen’s dress; a custom piece designed by her sisters. “I was immediately in love with the shape of her dress and wanted to create a similar silhouette with the hair,” Abergel reveals. Witness it in its full glory, below — and expect to see many iterations of it over the next few weeks.

5. Bobbi Brown welcomes a new Intensive Serum Foundation to the family.
The all-new formula now comes infused with 10 times more of skin-nourishing ingredients in the vein of Cordyceps; is equipped with enhanced coverage; and boasts a 12-hour wear that veils imperfection. In short: The makeup-skincare hybrid of dreams. We’ll be adding this bad boy to cart, stat.

6. GHD has launched their first-ever cordless styler.
Meet: Unplugged. Available in two variations, this bad boy comes equipped with bespoke ceramic heaters that regulate optimum styling temperatures; delivers up to 20-minutes of continuous use; and requires a mere 45 seconds to heat up. The best part? It’s portable enough to be stowed into even the tiniest of purses. Talk about convenience at its finest.

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