How to stop a zit from fully forming

No longer a waiting game

  • 15.10.2021

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Y’know the resigned feeling of waking up to a red, angry zit on your face? You saw it coming, and yet it’s an unpleasant sight all the same. As we all know, zits don’t usually pop up overnight. Rather, they result from an accumulation of oil, dirt and sweat, which causes inflammation within pores. As it is, you usually can see tell-tale bumps on your face before they fully sprout into fruition. Lucky for you, this is actually the perfect stage to get them to deflate and disappear into oblivion. Below, some tips and tricks to utilise the next time you spot one of these suckers. Get to it, stat.

Stop touching it

Yes, we know it bothers you, and yes, we are guilty of it too. But the truth is, that tiny little bump is probably only visible to you because you stare at yourself at an alarming frequency. It is highly likely that no one else is gonna notice. But trust us, if you keep poking and prodding at it with your nasty, germ-infested hands, you’ll get it ripe, red, and attention-grabbing faster than you can say ‘pimple’.

Magic oil, not snake oil

Popping some tea tree oil on may actually help bring down a budding pimple. A popular folk remedy, it is revered thanks to its ability to bring down inflammation when applied topically. You can choose to apply a couple drops to the inflamed area, or just add a few drops to your daily cleanser or moisturiser. But let us give you some fair warning: Before you put undiluted tea tree oil on your mien, do a patch test to see if it irritates your skin. You can do this by applying a few drops behind your ear or to your forearm. If there’s any sort of irritation after several hours, you may be better off diluting the oil with a 50-50 ratio, or using a product with tea tree oil properties instead. 

Live well

More often than not, you’re sticking to your skincare routine and taking great care of your face, but still, a pimple pops up. In this case, it may do you some good to take a step back and look at your current lifestyle – Are you getting sufficient sleep at night? Have you been eating well? Lifestyle habits play a part in whether pimples come and go. Eating dairy or high glycemic foods such as chips, white rice, or baked goods may also trigger pimples, too. Let’s not forget that stress can also sometimes worsen pimples, so make sure that you manage it well, either through exercising, meditation, journaling, or even just by making sure you rest well every night. 

A good clay mask is the answer

Certain clays like French green clay or Umbrian clay are mineral-rich and have healing abilities due to the potent antibacterial properties. It can help to draw out impurities, and reduce inflammation. With its ability to deeply cleanse and absorb excess oils, it also diminishes the look of enlarged pores and shine.

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Benzoyl peroxide, baby
This over-the-counter formulation treats and prevents acne by going deep beneath the skin, eradicating bacteria while also helping users shed excess oil. In short: Not only will it stem the growth of new pimples, it also effectively gets rid of already-present zits. Win-win, we say. Typically, their gels and/or cleansers come in different concentrations ranging from 2.5% to 10% — the latter of which is suitable when it comes to treating body acne, too.

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