Editor's Letter: Time to Get Sexy

  • 03.11.2021

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It’s finally November, which can only mean one thing: it’s officially Scorpio season! It’s also officially less than 50 days to Christmas, which means the year has flown by faster than I can say ‘Editor’s Letter’. It won’t be long before Mariah Carey begins defrosting for the winter and Michael Bublé emerges from his cave of croon, to serenade us into a holly, jolly festive season ahead.

But before we embrace Santa, we’re embracing a different kind of red this month – with all things feeling sexy. As we kick off a whole new theme today, it’s time to turn the heat up a notch. Raunchy, you say? Hardly. The word ‘sexy’ seems to get a bad rep, but like the best things in life, I think it’s just because it’s misunderstood. In my research for our content this month, as I searched our theme, I was inundated with an overflow of over-sexualized content, all focused on the flashing of skin or the insinuation of romping affairs. And whilst sex in itself does of course, play a role in all things feeling sexy, it hardly embodies the true breadth and essence of the word itself.

So, what does it mean to embody sexiness? For me, it’s all about self. Self-care, self-awareness, self-love, self-joy, self-acceptance, self-exploration and most of all, self-confidence. Where at one time I used to equate sexiness to body types and lip colours, I’ve discovered that knowing thyself is akin to loving thyself and there is nothing sexier than someone who can truly be comfortable in their own skin – even when it’s covered from head to toe.

Sexy is more than just showing off; it’s showing up. Showing up for you, showing up for the things you believe in and showing up for the causes and people you care about. Sexy is the intellectual banter between two people, the exchange of wit and laughter and minds growing in unison. Sexy is learning new things from those around us and embracing how they can shape and mould us into better versions of ourselves. Sexy is wearing the clothes that we’ve never felt the confidence to put on, because we thought there was an ‘ideal weight’ before we could glow up and glam out. Sexy is not waiting to date because you’re not ‘this enough’ or ‘that enough’, because you have always been and will always be, more than enough. Sexy is all about revealing – revealing all your inner vulnerabilities and being unafraid to be raw, open and honest with yourself and with those who matter.

Sexy is truly an attitude and a way of thinking – especially of yourself as the main character in your life.

Which is why this November, whether it’s women challenging the notion of ‘femininity’ by weightlifting, short men breaking stereotypes on why height doesn’t always equal appeal or sharing our favourite picks for the sexiest men’s fashion, we got your sexy content covered and all the inspiration you need.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go sharpen my inner Scorpio for the season.

R x