Trying the facial with 3,000 5-star ratings

But does it live up to its hype?

  • 09.11.2021
  • By Emily Heng

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Whoever said that everyone is a critic is clearly on to something. The advent of social media has, after all, facilitated this — granting consumers a platform to dispense their thoughts, feelings, and opinions with the mere taps of a screen. Bearing this in mind, it stands to reason that a multitude of different attitudes and responses are often generated. Heck, it’s when the majority is able to come an agreement that things get interesting. Such is the case when it comes to Caring Skin; a salon that has been touted as Singapore’s top rated facial spa on Facebook and Google.

This is made all the more surprising considering Singaporeans and their penchant for quibbling. With our curiousities sufficiently piqued, we decided to head down to Caring Skin for ourselves to try one of their most beloved treatment options. Read on for a full chronicle of our Beauty Editor’s experience, below.

The premise
Established in 2013, Caring Skin utilises plant-based ingredients and cutting-edge tech to form a potent amalgamation, providing safe and effective results for their customers. Their specialty lies in handling acne-riddled and sensitive complexions, where they harbour a comprehensive menu dedicated to just that. Beyond that, they’re also recognised for their stellar service described as “honest, sincere” and with no hard-selling involved. A high bar, indeed.

The procedure
My facial was to take place at the Orchard branch; a sprawling space outfitted in calming hues of blue and white. Once the check-in processes were completed, I was invited to shuck off my shoes, put on a pair of comfy lounge slippers, and get my complexion evaluated. This was done via a state-of-the-art machine dubbed the Visia Skin Analysis; a device that would identify both my problem areas and rightful skin age. As it is, I was experiencing from severe skin dehydration my (moisture levels were at 12%, mind) as well as pigmentation issues — a fact of which could be attributed to a lack of sunscreen re-application as well as constantly being in air-conditioned environments. Eep.

Lucky for me, my therapist was swift in her appraisal. Rather than the Acne-Clear Nano Perfector facial I’d had been gunning for, I was to try the Oxy-Vital Facial Treatment. This would provide some relief to my traumatised skin and diffuse redness. It was a fair judgment as any, seeing how I didn’t so much suffer from acne beyond a hormonal zit or two. I was also largely impressed by the clear and concise way in which my therapist explained my results, too, whereupon she went the extra mile to evaluate my current skincare routine to get a better idea as to what I needed.

I was soon escorted to my treatment cabin. Comfy robes aside, I was gratified to find a bevy of charging cables and new masks left out for my perusal. As they say: It’s the little things. Once I’d settled in, I was treated to a back and shoulder massage to kick things off. A double-cleansing and exfoliation followed, as well as a mild extraction that was exceedingly gentle. I barely felt anything beyond a quick, faint pressure throughout my mien — a first for me despite the countless number of facials I’ve tried throughout my career.

Then came liberal applications of a hydrating mist. A cooling elixir was slathered on, next, before a Cryo mask was draped over my visage to end off the 75-minute procedure.

The pay-off
My complexion was markedly changed after the Oxy-Vital Facial Treatment. I was sporting a discernable glow, plus any lingering redness from my bout of hormonal acne had dimmed significantly. What’s more, I was issued a whole suite of products from the Caring Skin range to maintain my newfound dewiness — of which I have astutely incorporated into my regime. To sum things up: I’d say the excellent service alone is reason enough to make a return trip. But when paired with efficacious treatments and products that do the job? Yeah, now that’s a killer combination. I’d go as far as to declare its hype well-deserved.

Caring Skin has several branches located island-wide. Head to their site to find out more.