Buro The Horse

Explores the enchanting world of Hermès through the Leather Forever exhibition
Buro the horse is, and has always been, a very inquisitive horse indeed. Being daring, highly observant, and a bit cheeky, Buro is the quintessential flâneur. He loves to get out and explore.

So when he heard about the new Hermès exhibition — Leather Forever at ArtScience Museum as well as its special capsule, Little Room of Wanders at the Asian Civilisations Museum lawn — he couldn't resist.

"Sounds like an adventure! I might even meet some interesting people along the way." And with that, he buttoned up his sunshine yellow top, pulled on his bright blue trousers, and headed out into the great outdoors.

You see, because Buro is new to Singapore, he wanted to make new friends.
As it turns out, Little Room of Wanders was a collection of artefacts from the Emile Hermès museum in Paris' Faubourg Saint-Honoré; precious objects that have inspired countless Hermès designers for generations.

But everything is not as it seems.

What Buro mistook as a walking stick could also transform into a parasol, and what he thought was a camera, was actually a whisky flask.

"This place is full of surprises," marvelled Buro.
But of all the surprises in the Little Room of Wanders, none was more mesmerising to Buro than the miniature horse wearing the cutest pair of heels.

"Why are you wearing those shoes?" asked Buro.

"Because I'm small and I need all the help I can get," replied the little horse matter-of-factly. "Can you come a little closer? I need to tell you a secret."

Buro stretched out his hand, picked up this feisty little horse, and lifted her up.
But before he knew what was happening, she stole a quick kiss!
Buro couldn't help but blush.

She was bold, but she was beautiful. And beauty always conjures a reaction.
Inspired by Hermès' theme for this year "Flâneur Forever", Buro hopped onto his boat and sailed up the Singapore River to Leather Forever at the ArtScience Museum.

From historic shophouses to the futuristic skyscrapers towering over Marina Bay, Singapore looked so different from his nautical journey.

As his boat moseyed up the river, he hummed along to his favourite tunes that perfectly called forth the wanderer within. Before no time, his boat docked at Marina Bay Sands.

To listen to Buro's playlist, click here.
"Is that you Buro?" came a deep throaty voice as
Buro approached the ArtScience Museum.

Buro couldn't believe his eyes,
it was Zouzou the Rhino, one of his dearest friends from Paris.

"What are you doing here?" asked Buro, hugging his burly old mate.
"I thought you were travelling the world for work?"

"Well, I am!" replied Zouzou.
"I have been all over the world with the Hermès Leather Forever exhibition,
and now I'm here in Singapore."

"I'm so glad our paths have crossed again", said Buro.
"I've just moved to Singapore and it's good to see a familiar face."

"This calls for some champagne, Buro!" urged Zouzou. "Let's toast… to good old memories, exciting futures, and for you Buro, meeting new friends!"
Once inside the Leather Forever exhibition, Buro was swept away by the enchanting world of Hermès. From the secret world of the leather workshop where an artisan plied his craft, to a poetic homage to the horse, to legendary Hermès bags, to one-of-a-kind dream objects, it was a feast for the senses.

He snuggled up to a winged saddle, and imagined himself as Pegasus, the mythical horse.
Flying from one magical room to the next with his Hermès winged saddle,
Buro found many other beautiful objects.

His favourite?

The apple-shaped leather holder that he slung around his neck.
Perfect for his apple a day.
"Bonjour!" exclaimed voices in unison.

"Hello there," replied Buro to five friendly and rather fun-loving Kellydoll bags.
"Where are you from?"

"We just arrived from Paris," they chimed rhythmically, each one sporting bright sunny smiles. "Nice necklace!"

Buro chuckled, "Oh, it's not a necklace. It's an apple holder."
"Oh, we love apples!" they beamed.

And just like that Buro and the five Kellydoll bags — each specially created to celebrate a decade of Singapore's independence — bonded over an honest mistake and a common love for Granny Smiths.

Buro the Horse had one of the best days of his life.
He was still inquisitive as ever, but now, blessed with a bevvy of new friends.

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Illustrator: Aiwei Foo