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In the spotlight this week: Supergoop 100% Mineral Sunscreen Stick and Play 100% Mineral Lotion

Avid (and observant) readers of Buro. Beauty Club might notice that we've yet to land on a certain skincare essential: sunscreen. Critical in protecting and preserving complexions from many a condition including skin cancer and premature ageing, it comes as no surprise that there has been a boom in the sun protection market as of late. No two serums are the same. Similarly, not every sunscreen is made equal. With this in mind, we test two new additions to the market to see if they're worth your buck. Meet the Supergoop 100% Mineral Sunscreen Stick and Supergoop Play 100% Mineral Lotion. The stick edition is water-resistant and perfect for on-the-go usage, while the lotion comes in a highly blendable formulation to grant fresh, shielded, and hydrated complexions for hours on end. Grand promises — but do they deliver? The Buro. Beauty Club is determined to set the record straight.
The Bodyguard I Need
Confession: I don't use sunscreen as often as I should. Yes, I'm very good at protecting my face and neck, but my body is often neglected… due to laziness. I find the idea of slathering on body lotion (which I am very committed to) followed by a sunscreen every morning to be rather troublesome. But with the Supergoop Play 100% Mineral Lotion, I might skip the former and launch right into the latter. Powered with green algae, the reef-safe (yay!) formula is just as moisturising as it is defensive of the skin. Frankly, I don't mind the thin layer of grease — especially when I notice water sliding off my body faster, proving the efficacy of its water-resistance.

On the other hand, I imagine people tanner than I am (which is most of the population, to be frank) to be concerned with the white cast. The lotion disappeared into my skin well enough without me having to work it too hard into my complexion, but I am curious as to how it sits on my tanner Buro. Beauty Clubbers's complexions.

The Supergoop 100% Mineral Sunscreen Stick is a joy to have around. No white cast here, which is a win, and the formula is far less slick and absorbs much quicker into the skin. It's not marketed as ocean-friendly, which is a bummer, but as a touch-up stick which fits into my tiny palms for on-the-go application, this roll-on is a no brainer. You may also opt to use this mini sun sidekick on the pucker — a relief for someone like me who is a little bit obsessed with lip balms (I'm a huge fan of the Acai Fusion Lip Balm). Without a doubt, I will be bringing it to my Christmas trip to Sri Lanka.

Jolene Khor

More Than Sunscreen
Put your hands up if you apply sunscreen every day. Good news! We have something in common. Because I have had freckles since I was seven, I have been ingrained to apply sunscreen every day for the past 20 years. I'm Australian too, so sunscreen is totally my thing. Now, if you didn't know, mineral sunscreen is a little different from chemical sunscreen, as sun-shielding minerals sit on top of the skin, creating a physical barrier against the skin and UV rays. Imagine tiny little mirrors reflecting the sun away — that's the power of minerals.

I really like that the Supergoop 100% Mineral Sunscreen Stick and Supergoop Play 100% Mineral Lotion is not chemical, which means I'm not rubbing chemicals on my face. The lotion is smooth and silky but it does leave a white cast on your face. It's no big deal if you have fair skin but if you're tan like me, you will spend a little longer blending this formula in. They both feel a little heavy and tacky at first but after an hour or so, my skin felt nice and hydrated.

The stick is perfect to throw into a handbag to reapply and reapply if you need to should you be outdoors and sweating up a storm. I tried it out by the pool for a few hours during a sunny day with my in-laws and no one came up burnt or pink. It is one of the best mineral sunscreens I've tried. Warning: it is a little shiny. You will need to powder down this baby!

Fiona Bennett

All I Could Ask For
Chemical sunscreens can degrade very quickly when exposed to the sun and thus, they require you to reapply more frequently than mineral formulations. Given that the Supergoop 100% Mineral Sunscreen Stick and Supergoop Play 100% Mineral Lotion are mineral sunscreens, they contain a high content of zinc oxide. Zinc oxide protects us from both UVB (which mutates our skin cells) and UVA (which penetrates and damages our skin's collagen), so it's great for us darker skin types who are prone to hyper-pigmentation and sometimes, melasma.

Speaking of darker skin, I'm going to nitpick on the white cast — it's a give and take. Being a nano-free product, the zinc oxide molecules would be larger and thus leave us darker skin types with an unsightly white cast. That being said, the larger the zinc oxide molecules, the better the coverage but also, the whiter the cast. I do find that if you work the formula into your skin a little longer, it does fade out quite a bit.

Both the stick and lotion contain quite a few emollients in the form of oils and therefore can feel quite heavy. While I don't mind this the slightest on my body (as it really helps to soften edges and hydrate skin) it would be far too much for my oily face. It does absorb well on my face when used in very small amounts but that defeats the purpose of a sunscreen, as not applying enough of it will not guarantee you the full broad spectrum protection of SPF 50.

Overall, I love these sunscreens. They provide a wonderful sheen to my skin and protect me for far longer periods, especially when I go into the water. The featured green algae antioxidant in the lotion acts as a booster of protection from environmental stressors that can also age the skin. Pretty much everything I could ask for in a sunscreen is provided for.

Christian Maranion

Lotion Potion
I was on holiday and brought both Supergoop 100% Mineral Sunscreen Stick and Supergoop Play 100% Mineral Lotion for a week-long trial run in one of the hottest and driest places I've ever visited in my life — Bali. No amount of moisturiser could fight the chlorine and salt water combination. That aside, here's what went down with these two sunscreens in my travel bag...

The stick become my immediate favourite because it's easy to apply and there's no wastage thanks to the compact packaging. It's a lot faster to apply sunscreen when it comes in a stick, but getting sufficient product to cover the entire face is a challenge. Most times, because this product went on straight after my moisturiser, it's hard to tell if I've got sunscreen in every nook and cranny. You know how we complain about perspiring even before we get to the bus stop in Singapore? In Bali, you'll perspire while you're in your dressing room. Because I started perspiring almost right after my shower, the stick made streaks and patches on my face and neck. I could tell it was wearing off quickly due to the intense humidity and direct sun.

The lotion formula is easy to get all over the body. I have vitiligo, which means no direct sunlight for extended periods of time for me unless I'm sunscreen-ed all over, and I top up every few hours. The lotion sunscreen was perfect for this. The formula is super oily, which might not be everyone's favourite, but it gave me moisture which I desperately needed. It's not entirely water-resistant so it required a top up once I was out of the pool. PS, I don't know if anyone's ever noticed this, but having sunscreen on sometimes cancels out imperfections like blackheads and slight redness. The Lotion was great at giving me that primed, finished look. Great bonus!

Monica Selva De Roy
The Supergoop 100% Mineral Sunscreen Stick and Play 100% Mineral Lotion is available online and in Sephora stores.
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