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In the spotlight this week:
Gucci Beauty Rouge à Lèvres Voile Lipstick

Makeup is an art form requiring years of practice to perfect. And while we've come a long way in terms of innovation (recent times have seen a surge of LED masks and cannabidiol in creams and serums) and skill (we're capable of many a flawless liner flick and a perfectly contoured face by now), we remember fondly the one product that kickstarted our foray into the world of beauty, especially cosmetics. Lipsticks. As universally flattering as they are easy to use, it seems only fitting, then, for fashion house Gucci to launch their new-and-improved beauty line with nothing but lipsticks. Boasting a lineup of 58 hues, we set our sights on the Rouge à Lèvres Voile range — a sheer formulation which grants an instant, luminous sheen to puckers without drying 'em out. Our new signature lippie, or one to be buried in the depths of our makeup bag? The Buro. Beauty Club investigates.
Yesterday Once More
I remember my first red lipstick well. It was M.A.C Cosmetics's Russian Red. I was 16 and had just discovered Marilyn Monroe. In order to look like her, I got a perm (bad idea), perfected my winged liner (good idea), and began to appreciate my boobs and curves (excellent idea) during a time when stick-thin bodies were all I saw on contemporary media channels. Since then, many red lipsticks have come and gone in my stash; few have stayed, namely Dior's 999 and Chanel's Pirate. Gucci Beauty's Rouge à Lèvres Voile in 25 Goldie Red and 500 Odalie Red are likely to join their ranks.

I'm hard pressed to find a formula that will change the lipstick game. After all, it's been centuries since rouge was invented. Gucci Beauty doesn't revolutionise the product, but it certainly revives my love for a red pout. The satin lippies are soft and moisturising, like a pigmented lip balm, only way way more bourgeoise. The colour payoff is excellent too for what it's supposed to be — a healthy hint of hue that doesn't compete for attention.

But the real winner here is the packaging. Gucci is a fashion maison first and foremost, a fact it demonstrates finely here. The "bullet cases" which take after '70s tapestry, evoke a sense of wonder at the lipsticks's glory days. This is one of those rare instances when outer beauty is but a reflection of inner beauty. 10/10.

Jolene Khor

Reality vs Expectations
I totally get why every brand, celebrity, man, dog wants to get into cosmetics. Money, honey! It's recession-proof. So for a long-standing fashion house like Gucci to launch their beauty range with lipsticks, they got to be in it to win it. First of all, the Rouge à Lèvres Voile lipsticks have a strong violet floral scent, much like my grandmother's lipsticks — classic but kind of dated. But the packaging, vintage chic! It's beautiful, I love it.

Gucci Beauty didn't go for the super matte, super pigmented, trendy lipstick. Instead, we got ourselves a stain-like, sheer lip product that feels and looks more like a balm. 500 Odalie Red is a great everyday, throw-in-your-handbag kinda lippie, but should you expect that from a luxury brand? Probably not. I want it to be rich, rich, rich. I had to reapply it constantly, so it's not great in terms of longevity, but where it lacks in this area, it makes up in versatility. Multi-purpose for lips, blush and eyes, which is very rare!

The other satin lipstick in 25 Goldie Red feels more on-brand with what I was expecting. It is beautiful, creamy, and glides on like a dream. It offers a bit of a punch and you can totally build it up.

Fiona Bennett

Double Life
Gucci Beauty's Rouge à Lèvres Voile is a collection of sheer lip tints that have a subtle violet and fruity fragrance. What I really like about shade 500 Odalie Red is its naturality which compliments women who prefer the no-makeup/low key makeup look. The tint is just enough to elevate the look of your lips without that bold finish full coverage lipsticks provide. The lipstick is also perfect as a cream blush — a wonderful homage to the classic glamour days of Judy Garland and Grace Kelly who used lipsticks on their cheeks. The semi-transparency of the colour is enough to create a very natural flush and a modern dewy finish to the area given how rich in moisture the formulation is.

In terms of ingredients, it has the usual waxes found in its structure. Adding to them, rich oils that give the lipstick its emollient texture responsible for the balm-ish comfort. Its consistency is smooth enough if you prefer a brush application on the cheeks and buildable to up to three coats for the intense saturation I need during photoshoots that involve harsh lighting which tends to wash the colour out.

Gucci Beauty brings out the extra in you and offers that moment of luxury when you use Rouge à Lèvres Voile. I honestly believe owning a creamy lippie that is packaged in a gold base with vintage Hollywood floral wallpaper design is purposed for constant use so you feel fancy when it's time to pull it out again to reapply. Using this lipstick takes you back to the golden age of makeup, serving as a reminder as you reminisce classic Hollywood divas sport a red lip, just how simple yet powerful it is, and how it can enhance a face so much whether strikingly or subtly.

Christian Maranion

Let's Face It...
Three years after its inception, Gucci Beauty drops a bomb collection, the Rouge à Lèvres Voile with 58 shades of lipsticks.

I tried a couple of them on Instagram Story. No cuts, no retakes, just my thoughts on the shades 25 Goldie Red and 500 Odalie Red. Frankly, I didn't like them in the beginning. I'm a full on glam girl who is accustomed to wearing a pigmented lipstain — no re-application necessary. I had to whip out the Gucci Beauty lipstick for a touch-up after every few bits of my meal and after a handful of sips of my cocktail. I was disappointed.

Gucci Beauty doesn't do shabby products, so I went back to them two days later to give them a second try. This time, I repurposed 500 Odalie Red (a gorgeous orange-based red) as a blush. Bam! The result was a very pretty, subtle blush that complemented my brown skin well. I did a no-makeup look to work and put the blush on right after my sunscreen. The slight oiliness of my sunscreen mixed with the creaminess of the lipstick produced an easy-to-apply (I dabbed) blush.

The Rouge à Lèvres Voile grew on me. It's rumored to be versatile enough to be a glossy eye-shadow as well; I can't wait to give this look a try. After several more days with the lipsticks, I came to realise that Gucci Beauty's satin formula isn't trying to compete with the matte variants; it wants to create that classic beauty, barely-there Hollywood makeup look. It comes off easily thanks to its balmy texture and moisturising properties, so it's ultra gentle on your skin. The product stays in the background while your lips, eyes, and cheeks (your actual skin) take centre stage.

Nicely played, Gucci Beauty.

Monica Selva De Roy
Gucci Beauty's Rouge à Lèvres Voile is available at Takashimaya Beauty Hall.
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