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In the spotlight this week:
Clé De Peau Beauté Key Radiance Care

Building an effective skincare regime is hard work. Whether you're applying your products in the incorrect order or pairing the wrong cleanser with, say, the wrong moisturiser, there could be infinite permutations that contribute to the reasons why your routine isn't working for you. Should the journey to a radiant complexion be a complicated one? Nope — especially if you let the professionals take the reins. Professionals like those responsible for the hit that is Clé De Peau Beauté. Their latest baby? An improved basic skincare range they call Key Radiance Care, which promotes a three-step system that leaves no room for error. It begins with a serum to improve skin texture, followed by a lotion available in skin-softening and clarifying variants that hydrate and smooth. End it with an emulsion or moisturiser; each has day and night-time formulations to strengthen and revitalise skin. Each product is formulated with the label's new Skin Empowering-Illuminator technology for brighter, better complexion than before. The potent, fuss-free skincare line of dreams? Possibly. The Buro. Beauty Club puts it to the test.
Perfection is Boring
Who isn't a fan of Clé De Peau Beauté cannot be trusted — in beauty anyway. I've been a champion of their products since I tried the OG basic skincare range years ago. Every product the brand makes that land on my lap, I finish without fail. I didn't waste a drop of the Radiant Multi Repair Oil, and I did to the Radiant Cream Foundation (still the best foundation my face has ever seen) what we all do to toothpaste. Got. To. Get. Every. Last. Drop.

I was expectedly ecstatic when the Key Radiance Care skincare range dropped. I was curious how it differed from its predecessor, and if that even mattered, because I found zero fault with it. Here's my short answer: it's lighter, better looking, and made of rarer, smarter ingredients.

Here's my longer answer: as with the old set, the lotions are stellar, unlike anything else in the market. I almost want to say you might not even need the emulsions or creams after a pump of this rich goodness, but why settle for good skin when you can have great skin? For day, I like the Protective Fortifying Emulsion as it's refreshing, lightweight and has SPF; for night, the Intensive Fortifying Cream is my choice to repair and nourish. The day emulsion is more absorbent than I remember it to be, and the night cream, more of a fluffy gel-cream now than a true cream, which wasn't even that heavy to begin with. For an Asian in a tropical country, this is very good news. My skin looked plump and awake after application of both. No surprises there.

What caught me off guard was The Serum. It was exactly what I want in a power-packed product — a hard-working, luxurious, science-backed formula served by way of a weightless watery texture, housed in a flacon I can only describe as $$$. And it smelled good. It smelled too good. My incredibly sensitive cheek didn't take to the fragrance well (redness and itch became an issue) though my heart, and that of Clé De Peau Beauté, were in the right place.

Jolene Khor

Botox in Bottles
I suffered from acne not too long ago and my face flares up with breakouts if I use anything too heavy. Starting a new regime that could potentially f— things up again is scary, but will I do it for the sake of a review? Hell yeah!

Let's start with Clé De Peau Beauté Hydro-Softening Lotion: this stuff instantly hydrates. The instructions say to use three pumps on a cotton pad and swipe over the face. I found this wasteful, so I did one pump in my palms after a thorough cleanse and felt that it had the same effect. Just this step alone made my skin feel post-sheet mask. Love this lotion! This was my favourite; if I had to choose one product to buy again, this would be it.

The serum is very light — it quickly absorbed into my skin. Again, though the instructions say three pumps, I went with just one; it gave my skin an instant plumpness and radiance. The Protective Fortifying Cream was my day cream and I found it slightly too rich and heavy for my liking, but if you have slightly dry skin or you're hanging in AC all day, this would work like a charm. After three layers and sunscreen as the fourth, I needed to pat them down with my palms and wait a couple of minutes for them to settle so I can put on foundation. The last product was the Intensive Fortifying Cream, a night cream that felt quite light but yet nourishing enough that it did my skin good during sleep. The little lines around my eyes softened.

This is a great range, and the packaging looks fantastic in the bathroom. I give it two big enthusiastic thumbs up, as my skin has never looked so dewy and hydrated in my entire life and I didn't break out… not one little pimple. Maybe this means I can delay my next appointment with my Botox lady...

Fiona Bennett

Hey Skin, What's Good?
While I look forward to prolonged use of the Clé De Peau Beauté Key Radiance Care range, I was amazed by what I saw in just a few days of using it ritually. The Serum was quick-absorbing and left no residue. Featuring algae found in kelp, it boasts rich iodine content, minerals, and antioxidants. It would explain why my skin was hydrated, plump, and calm on a caliber not experienced before.

The Hydro-Clarifying Lotion has a very light dewy texture but still felt rich as I swabbed it on my skin. Even though I had cleansed beforehand, my skin felt even cleaner and the residue on the cotton pad was evidence that it picked up more dirt and sebum build-up that still remained. After this step, my skin felt extremely smooth and fresh. With strong antioxidants in the formulation, I felt no need to include a vitamin C product in my regime.

The Protective Fortifying Emulsion was rich in moisture without feeling heavy in layers for mornings. Throughout the day, my skin continued to look plump and hydrated despite having to blot away excess sebum — which for me is inevitable to my oily skin type. The product does have ingredients to protect you from UV rays and environmental stressors but it could feel heavy if you want to reapply it for additional sun protection. It's best to carry an aerosol sunscreen on days that I would be outdoors. The Intensive Fortifying Emulsion for the night also feels lightweight; it nourished my skin greatly without causing me grease or clogging.

The range does come with fragrance so those who are sensitive should use with caution. I found the subtle scent of the rare orchid and natural rose to be of no hindrance to me.

Christian Maranion

Hooked on a Feeling
Clé De Peau Beauté's skincare range is something I never dreamt of getting hooked on given its price — their mind-boggling price tags would've driven me to the other end of the store if the products didn't deliver as promised. Unfortunately for my credit card, they do! I have an oily T-zone and some dry patches on my cheeks, and this Key Radiance Care set was given to me to cater to my exact type of combination skin. I used The Serum, Hydro-Clarifying Lotion, Protective Fortifying Emulsion, and Intensive Fortifying Cream (emulsion for day, cream for night).

Clé De Peau Beauté has completely changed my routine with some of the most moisturising and protective skincare ever. I have had the most hydrated skin since I started on Key Radiance Care. Every part of the four-product set is aimed to fulfil a certain aspect of my skin that's dry, dull, and lacking in the "nutrients" department. It was created with five key ingredients acting as the foundation for the formulas, of which Japanese Pearl Shell Extract struck me as the most interesting given I've known of beauty gurus who use Japanese pearl powder to attain rejuvenated skin.

If you're religious about incorporating the set into your skincare, you'll see your skin looking more plump and fresh. My dry cheeks, that recent bout of acne flare-ups, those dark spots from old pimple scars were the three top fixes this range brought about for me. Essentially, it feels like something is working from the layers below and it's slowly building my skin to withstand pollution and humidity better. I've used them for weeks now and am inclined to say, it's nothing short of revolutionary.

Monica Selva De Roy
Clé De Peau Beauté Key Radiance Care is available at all Clé De Peau Beauté counters.
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