Weird TikTok food hacks that are pretty tempting

Chilli and vanilla?

  • 27.09.2021

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Since TikTok recipes came along, cooking has become somewhat of a breeze. Admittedly, those who have tried the feta cheese and tomato pasta can attest to this. There’s something about the split-second scenes that make whipping up a meal that much easier, in contrast to the tedious hours we witness on MasterChef. But increasingly, the food trends and dishes we’ve seen on TikTok lately have become stranger. All the more tempting to test them all out — just to affirm if we are really missing out. 

So lest you miss stumbling across a gem of a recipe that actually makes it into ‘family recipe’ status, here’s a compilation of the weirdest food trends that are so unique, you can’t miss testing them out.

Hot Cheetos Pickles

Hot Cheetos has achieved cult status ever since it first came out. Not only does it have its own dedicated clothing merchandise, but it also inspired a levy of hot-cheetos dishes like Flamin Hot Cheetos chicken bites, or Flamin Hot Cheetos Mac n Cheese. So when TikTok popularised yet another Hot Cheetos dish, it didn’t surprise no one; until we actually watched the said TikTok. 

The recipe is basically pouring pickle juice from a jar of pickles into a container full of Hot Cheetos and letting it infuse. After letting it sit for a while, pour the infused pickle juice back into the jar of pickles and let it sit overnight. The next day, your pickles would take on the same bright red colour and it’s ready to eat . To begin with, we can’t actually fathom how this recipe even came about. But TikTok-ers have tried it, loved it, and shared it. So it has to be weirdly good… right?

@paulinatthe fact it spilled everywhere 😩 @fabioguerrrraa @blesiv♬ original sound – Pau Torres

Coca-cola and peanuts

Again, this is something completely unthinkable at first glance. TikTok has introduced to us their take on bubble tea. Just like how we have tapioca pearls in our drinks, TikTok pours a packet of salted peanuts into their bottle of coke. The result? Salty coke with an occasional nutty crunch I suppose. As weird as it sounds, according to TikTok, this food quirk has been around for quite some time now, originating from the southeastern United States.

@cookiterica#stitch with @traziarae southern delicacy #foryou #learnontiktok #SummerRecipes #peanuts #cocacola♬ original sound – Food, Family, Fun

Watermelon with yellow mustard

Slice up some watermelon and squeeze out some mustard on top of it like you would do on a hotdog. The result? As weird and gross you would imagine it to be (though a select few somehow love it). Brave TikTok-ers hopped onto the trend enthusiastically though, citing their love for both the fruit and condiment. We linked the original creator below though, so you can try it and decide for yourself.

@yayayayummy🍉 + 💛 SOOO GOOD!! #watermelon #mustard #hotfoodtake♬ original sound – yayayayummy

Chilli oil on McDonald’s vanilla ice cream

Hot and cold, sweet and spicy, this food trend seems to tick all the boxes. If you want a twist on plain old vanilla ice cream, this may just be it for you. Perhaps it’s the way the ice cream cools down the heat of the spice? There’s only one way to find out.

@buzzfeedozWould you try this dessert? #chillioil #icecream #foodtrnd♬ original sound – BuzzFeedOz

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