Stay positive in spite of COVID-19 with uplifting jewellery pieces from Carrie K. X Ophir, Avyanna, Wanderlust & Co., and Tom Wood

Stay positive in spite of COVID-19 with uplifting jewellery pieces from Carrie K. X Ophir, Avyanna, Wanderlust & Co., and Tom Wood

Chin Up!

Text: Celine Yap

Is COVID-19 getting you down? You're definitely not alone. No travelling, no events, no big social gatherings, can't even go to the movies, no intimacy... But in all honesty, at this stage, we're just grateful that Singapore's one of the few cities not on full lockdown.

Well, not yet anyway. We'll see.

That's why it was so heartening to see Singaporeans nationwide applauding from their homes the efforts of all front-line workers who toil day and night in the fight against COVID-19. Local business and F&B operators are also giving thanks to these everyday heroes in their own ways.

Indeed, it's times like these that gestures and messages of love, hope, positivity and wisdom are needed more than ever. Wherever you find it, however you show it, the important thing is to stay strong, stay sane, and stay united.




Freedom, resilience and grace are the three core messages of this young but aspiring jewellery brand. Of the three, resilience is probably the virtue we need the most right now. And buying from Avyanna means supporting the local economy, too, as all their products are made in Singapore.

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Carrie K X Ophir



A capsule collection by Carrie K. featuring unisex fine jewellery line dedicated to wisdom, hence the crown motif which relates to King Solomon and his hallmark as the wisest man in history. Crafted in solid 18K yellow or white gold, this daily touch of luxury is a reminder than knowledge is true wealth.

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Wanderlust & Co.



Referring in part to the design journey undertaken by each jewellery piece, and the desire to continuously seek beauty from all around, Wanderlust & Co. creates designs that serve as a positive daily reminder to all of us. In its 2019 Mantra collection, messages like Trust The Flow, Heart Always, and Someday really strike a chord, giving us a boost of confidence whenever we needed.

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Tom Wood



More than anything, human beings crave a sense of belonging. That was how signet rings came about. Tom Wood embraces the long history of signet rings as a gentleman's accessory but modernises it for the 21st century jewellery lover. For men as well as women, in a range of sizes, stones and shapes.

Tom Wood is available at Dover Street Market Singapore.



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