Redefine your wrist style with Tudor and David Beckham

Redefine your wrist style with Tudor and David Beckham


Text: Celine Yap

From camo-inspired fabric to distressed leather, there are so many ways you can wear the Tudor Heritage Black Bay

There is little doubt that the Tudor Heritage Black Bay is the coolest (or hottest, depending on how you see it) watch on the planet right now. Since its release in 2014, this watch with the unique snowflake hour hand has made its way onto the wrists of trendsetters and watch collectors everywhere. Will Smith had been photographed wearing the Black Bay Blue while David Beckham has just been signed as Tudor's poster boy for the collection – who's going to argue with that?

For the 2017 watch year, Tudor's creative streak with the Black Bay continues as four new iterations were introduced: The Black Bay 41, the Black Bay Chrono, the Black Bay S&G, and the Black Bay Steel. Eschewing more provocative themes this time, it is clear that Tudor has gone in the direction of classicism with these watches. And of the four, the bicolour and the chronograph are the two models everyone is talking about.

Of late, bicolour watches are making a strong reappearance throughout the watch industry but few have nailed the look as succinctly as the Black Bay S&G, where S&G stands for steel and gold. The Black Bay's core design harks back to the vintage era and that's what makes the steel and gold combination work so well here. Patinated SuperLuminova painted on the indexes and hands complete the old-school appeal in this timepiece.

While the S&G will certainly draw appreciative glances from vintage hunters, the Black Bay Chrono speaks to a decidedly different, more horologically inclined audience. This peculiar timepiece straddles the worlds of deep sea diving and high adrenaline motor sports, as the Black Bay hails from the former but the tachymeter on the bezel, as well as the screw-lock chronograph pushers, hint towards the latter. The hour and minute hands were also streamlined to achieve a sleeker, sportier aesthetic.

Finally, the Black Bay 41 and the Black Bay Steel are designed for those who just want a classical iconic timepiece. Key features distinguishing the two are that the Black Bay Steel is much sportier with its rotating bezel 10-minute markers while the Black Bay 41 is undeniably classical with its polished standard bezel.

All of these timepieces come with additional strap options apart from the default metal bracelet. The Black Bay 41 may be paired with smooth tan leather or a camo-inspired jacquard fabric strap, while the Black Bay Chrono may be worn on aged brown leather or denim-style fabric. Black Bay S&G and Black Bay Steel offer the choice of black distressed leather and chocolate brown or khahi jacquard fabric.

The new Tudor Heritage Black Bay collection is available at all authorised Tudor retailers