5 travel jewellery cases to keep your precious metals in tip-top condition

5 travel jewellery cases to keep your precious metals in tip-top condition

Going on the road

Text: Angelyn Kwek

For the frequent fliers who don’t leave home without a travel pouch for everything, here are five on-the-go jewellery cases that’ll keep your bling organised and safely stowed away

If you live by the mantra 'a place for everything and everything in its place', then it goes without saying that opening up your bag to find your jewellery all tangled up irks you beyond imagination. Plus nobody has patience in spades to puzzle through a ball of finely woven necklace chains after a long, exhaustive flight. Of course, the obvious solution would be to leave your jewellery at home but travelling without your finery? What blasphemy.

And if you've ever had to retire a favourite ring, earrings or necklace because it got busted up from travelling, you can definitely fathom the sheer heartache when you cradle a portion of mangled jewellery in your hands (and the wasted dollars). Snug and padded is definitely the way to go to when it comes to safekeeping your precious investment pieces. Here are five jewellery travel brands and cases we've sussed out that'll have you covered in both the protection and style departments:

Those who prefer functionality paired with sleek style will love Chloé's jewellery rolls. Folding up to look like a pocketbook, this travel case is made from luxury leather and beautiful gold hardware, in addition to boasting a good number of interior compartments. Four zippered sections will keep any larger pieces safe from rattling about and clever perforated leather 'bars' lets you hook earrings in a row so they sit neat and untangled for easy viewing and choosing. 

For something a little more compact, look to Tiffany & Co. for a sturdy pouch dressed in the signature robin egg hue. Perfect for toting around in your carry-on, the adorably stylish circular is crafted with textured leather and a soft tan lining on the inside to protect your finely made pieces from travelling damage. Bonus: A handy ring holder is included in spite of its petite size to help separate more delicate pieces or stones from getting scratched up.

It's not hard to see why we'd choose this particular travel case. It's a rich scarlet hue, made from decadent satin and oh-so-ladylike — take your pick. But the instant eye-catching gorgeousness aside, it opens up to a sizeable box-shaped compartment that's great for storing larger jewellery pieces (and equally luxe on the inside). There's an optional jewellery tray to help organise your pieces and the case also comes with a metal clasp with its own unique key to keep your finery securely locked up. That's a big yes to form and function.

If you're going away on an extended vacay or you're the indecisive type who ends up bringing almost all of your jewellery with you (familiar dilemma, anyone?), then you'd best put in an order for a Louis Vuitton travel case. Embossed with the signature Monogram flowers, the roomy partitioned interior lets you store a generous amount and even comes with several pockets to safeguard smaller rings or pendants. Plus that gorgeous jewel-toned patent leather? Totally luxe and covetable. 


We don't know who Aurea Hartgill is, but we do know Anya Hindmarch has a lesser-known range of luxe travel jewellery cases in addition to her oh-so-covetable bags and wallets. Our pick goes to the red grain leather jewellery box — customisable with your name, evidently — and charmingly etched with labelled areas to separate your gems from your metals. Lined in a soft suede interior to keep your precious accessories from scratches and dings, this is the one for those who aren't afraid to splurge on their travel cases as they do for their jewellery.