Timeless jewels every girl needs in her wardrobe

Timeless jewels every girl needs in her wardrobe

Back to basics

Text: Karishma Tulsidas

Earring studs
When in doubt, go small - in terms of your earrings, that is. While the flavour of the season might be oversized, simple studs with diamonds or coloured stones are those mavericks that withstand the ebbs and flows of fleeting trends, as their diminutive size belies the impact they make.

Versatile rings
Versatile rings are the Beyoncé of the jewellery world: they're amazing solo, but put them in a band, and their star will still shine bright. Whether you stack them or wear them on their own, simple band rings have the ability to transform a look from chic to edgy, minimal to maximal.

Gold necklaces
In a similar vein to their ring mates, delicate gold chains are versatile enough to be worn on their own, or layered. The styles are endless, from diamond-drop pendants to pearls, to wearing your initials or coloured stones - the key lies in achieving the perfect balance by mixing and matching simpler ones with more statement-making pieces.