Technicolour bling: How to wear rainbow-coloured jewellery

Colour us dazzled

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Why wear one colour when you can have them all?

Forget about colour-coding your outfits and accessories to the seasons, even if that's the cardinal rule the world has generally abided by since time immemorial. Why? Because the technicolour trend is giving you a rainbow's worth of reasons to flout those 'only seasonal shades need apply' decree. Of course, you might argue that perpetually sunny Singapore doesn't fall under this ruling but hello; we follow the spring/summer-fall/winter calendar to a T like the continental countries. Unbidden, this has influenced our styling perspective... but now it's time to break out of the mould.

First spotted switching up the jewellery game with designs from L.A.'s buzziest label, the technicolour trend is now going far and wide across both indie and luxury brands. Whether it's a statement or minimalist piece, something about the kaleidoscopic look just works with everything, from your white T-shirt lazy days to full on gala glam. Need convincing? Check out the gallery above to see how technicolour jewellery works all day, everyday.

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