Sweet and simple designs by our favourite high jewellery brands

Sweet and simple designs by our favourite high jewellery brands

Precious meets playful

Text: Celine Yap

If you're the sort who would never leave the house without plying your wrists, neck, and ears with accessories, then you're in luck. Today's jewellers have brought their creative A game to design pieces that are not only well crafted and full of heritage, but also highly wearable, playful, modern and versatile.

Stalwarts like the Cartier Panther, the Van Cleef & Arpels Zipper, the Piaget Limelight, and the Bulgari Serpenti are always loved and cherished, but they're not exactly appropriate on casual Fridays and not the most practical choices when you're about to spend, say, 12 hours in an airplane – am I right?

There is, however, no need to resort to wearing costume jewellery just yet, because these six haute joaillerie maisons have recently updated their collections with flirty flaunty pieces that marry casual-chic design with luxurious craftsmanship.

Chopard Ice Cube Pure
Chopard's minimalist Ice Cube Pure is literally inspired by ice cubes. Launched in 1999, this simple motif has now been reinterpreted with a modern touch. Smaller cubes, polished or diamond-set, all lined up in tightly packed rows to form rings, earrings, necklaces and of course bracelets for those who can never leave their wrists bare. Endorsed by French model and actress Aymeline Valade, these pieces come in white, rose, or pink Fairmined gold to allow you to mix and match as you please. Read more about Fairmined gold here.

Piaget Possession
Forget fidget spinners. Keep your hands busy with Piaget's Possession fine jewellery which is designed to swivel and move at your whim and fancy. Now updated with an assortment of coloured gems and a fresh contemporary design, it's even more fun to wear. Stones include deep blue lapis lazuli, black onyx, vivid turquoise, bright green malachite and vibrant red carnelian. The collection, worn by Olivia Palermo, offers pretty bracelets, trendy cuffs you can stack and elegant sautoir necklaces that can be worn once or twice around the neck.

Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole
Florals may be a popular theme in jewellery design but seldom do the creations shine as brilliantly as the Frivole by Van Cleef & Arpels. Each blossom is composed of three heart-shaped petals, the pieces are all finished with an age-old technique known as mirror polishing, which imbues the surfaces with particularly intense reflections. Large, small and mini models breathe life into necklaces, pendants, bracelets, ear studs, and earrings in yellow or white gold.

Chanel Coco Crush
It's like Chanel has this inexplicable ability to make us go crazy each time it launches a new creation, and the Coco Crush is no exception. So irrevocably Chanel, this fine jewellery line worn by Keira Knightley is inspired by the gorgeous and iconic matelassé pattern found on the 2.55 bag and pieces are crafted in yellow, beige or white gold. Since the initial launch, the collection has grown to include bracelets and earrings, not forgetting an ear cuff to show off your edgy side.

Boucheron Serpent Bohème
The fact that it's called Serpent Bohème might remind us of another snake-inspired jewellery collection but Boucheron's creations here cannot be more different. The maison has gone the abstract route so as to give the pieces an air of mystery, and since its introduction in 1968, this collection has become a Boucheron classic. Only the snake's very essential form remains; its head a droplet crowned with beading, for instance, and body chased into sensual undulations.

Chaumet Jeux de Liens
For the first time, Chaumet has introduced colourful hard stones to its classic Liens collection. Jeux de Liens literally translates to 'play with links' and the new creations are designed to for a vibrant game of mix and match. Chrysoprase and pink opal, as well as white and grey mother-of-pearl enliven the pieces, which can be worn as a double-chain bracelet or a pendant necklace.