Now Trending: Watches with salmon pink dials

Now Trending: Watches with salmon pink dials

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Text: Celine Yap

Top marques in haute horlogerie are steadily getting into the salmon pink trend with special and limited edition models for the stylish collector

You've seen it everywhere, from makeup looks and fashion design to celebrity wardrobes and luxury jewellery, but now ladies and gentlemen, Pantone's 2019 Colour of the Year Living Coral has officially entered luxury watchmaking design. Ah yes, so now there are watches that are not only technically amazing but also utterly on-trend. Numerous top marques in haute horlogerie have already thrown their hat in the ring, with salmon pink dials on classic time-only watches as well as grand complications.




But it must be said that salmon pink in luxury watchmaking is not completely new. This gorgeous hue has already been seen on watch dials years ago. But obviously it has not hit critical mass until Pantone happened, and at the beginning, the only people who cared about it initially were the watch nerds. So how did salmon pink enter the scene? In public, via the auction houses, where a selection of Patek Philippe watches owned by singer-songwriter Eric Clapton caught the attention of watch enthusiasts. Clapton's very impressive collection consisted of a number of grand complications, one of which has a custom designed salmon pink dial.




From that point on, salmon dials became a thing among watch collectors, and now it has officially entered watch collecting lingo. This year, salmon pink has overtaken blue and green to become the hottest colour in luxury watchmaking you could possibly wear.




Check out these six timepieces for salmon pink inspo. A word of warning though, everyone who's into watches is onto them now, so don't expect to land one without some measure of difficulty.