Now trending: Petite watches that are perfect for layering

Now trending: Petite watches that are perfect for layering

Stack 'em up

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Downsizing is the buzzword if you’re looking to make a statement with your watch(es)

Small is the new sexy and we have it on good authority that petite watches are having a moment all the way to Korea. In fact, it might just be the ubiquitous K-touch that lent this trend its sensational repute — as with all things riding the Hallyu wave — but even those who can't tell K-pop from K-drama might have cottoned on to this layering method of wearing your timepieces.

No doubt a style quirk that made its transition from the art of stacking jewellery pieces, the fashion-forward crowd has repurposed this technique for the haute horlogerie scene, racking up a cool roster of bracelets and bangles to pair alongside their mini timepieces. Think edgy cuffs, sentimental friendship bands or even that hippie-beaded trinket you got on your holiday in Fiji — the sky's the limit when it comes to mixing and matching your wrist bling. And here's the icing on the cake: Going watch shopping for a new slim beauty or two to add to your collection. Hello, Instagram ammo.

Struck by inspiration? Here are some petite watch picks that'll soon have you playing horology stack up with the rest of the best:

With leather bracelets in sophisticated hues of black, gray and dark brown, the Rado Coupole Classic Mini is traditional elegance shrunk down to a petite frame. Graced with feminine mother-of-pearl dials and embellished with four cut-diamonds as its quarter-hour markers, this is the perfect versatile timepiece.

Now trending small watches Rado Coupole Classic Mini

Featuring a slinky Milanese mesh bracelet that doubles as space-age reflective scales, the Dior La Mini D de Dior Satine is sized at 19mm. Housing a Swiss-made quartz movement beneath its coloured mother-of-pearl dial, this jewellery watch is also available in a metallic strap version sporting a black lacquered face.

Now trending small watches Dior La Mini D de Dior

The Chanel J12.XS, which is fairly self-explanatory. For the uninitiated, this even smaller counterpart to the celebrated J12 collection comes ready with its own cuff bracelet and can be removed for those days when you just want to rock the watch on its own.

Now trending small watches Chanel J12.XS

Longines Mini and Mini Roman, measuring a mere 16mm (it fits onto your thumbnail; we've made the comparison), equipped with a quartz movement and shimmering mother-of-pearl dial. Encased in stainless steel with a diamond-studded bezel.

Now trending small watches Longines Mini and Mini Roman

Possibly the smallest watch on the block, the Hermès Faubourg is an incredible 15.5mm in diametre, wrought in polished steel. Fitted with a quartz movement and a link bracelet, this tiny wonder comes in yellow, white and rose gold with the latter two encircled by brilliant gems.

Now trending small watches Hermès Faubourg