All the best floral inspired jewellery from the new to the classic

All the best floral inspired jewellery from the new to the classic

Flowery Expressions

Text: Celine Yap

Every jeweller has its signature bloom – which one’s your favourite?

It's like in Game of Thrones where every house has its sigil: Direwolves, dragons, lions and all that. In the jewellery business, the industry's top maisons have all staked a claim on a signature flower motif. Some of them are tried and true while others offer a fresh perspective, but every single one is a magnificent ode to nature. Check out the goods here as these brands put the petal to the metal.

House Chanel: The camellia

As with everything dear to this French fashion label, the camellia is a favourite of Gabrielle Chanel. With no fragrance and no thorns, this pretty little flower seduced Madame Chanel with its simplicity, geometric roundness and perfect symmetry. Chanel's 2019 high jewellery collection is dedicated to the camellia. 1.5 1 Camélia 5 Allures is about one flower and five ways to wear it.

House Piaget: The rose

The Piaget rose is a gorgeous bloom, a dynamic rose with 80 layers of lush hot pink petals and a glorious sweet scent. It was cultivated by Yves Piaget, introduced to the world in 1983, and has been a constant source of inspiration to the jeweller ever since. Piaget's Rose jewellery is an ever-growing collection of floral inspired pieces ranging from simple filigreed designs to full-pave high jewellery masterpieces.




House Chaumet: The hydrangea

Also known as the hortensia, the hydrangea is a favourite of the Empress Josephine Bonaparte who is an inspirational figure to the Maison Chaumet. She was extremely passionate about botany and the beauty of flowers. The Chaumet Hortensia collection adopts a naturalistic style, showcasing this delicate bloom in precious glittering clusters.




House Cartier: The orchid

Did you know that there are more orchid varieties on the planet than there are species of birds or mammals? Not that that's the reason why Cartier chose this exotic perennial. In the Caresse d'Orchidées fine jewellery line, it is sculpted with a three-dimensional effect. And it may have been a while since Cartier released any new designs, but timeless allure keeps it forever elegant and eternally radiant.




The House of Van Cleef & Arpels: Frivole

Playful and charming, the Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole offers a most entertaining way to wear jewellery. Its facetted three-petal motif has a diamond centre and can be worn either singly or as a cluster of three mini flowers. Pendants may convert into clips. Fashioned in mirror polished gold and pave diamonds, the Frivole heralds Spring like no other jewellery collection.

House Bulgari: Fiorever

A new addition to Bulgari's extensive jewellery line, Fiorever combines the Italian word for flower, fiore, with the English word forever. But the Italian luxury giant has always had an enduring affair with four-petal blooms – it's a Roman thing. Jewellery pieces in the Fiorever collection put the spotlight on diamonds of the highest quality, where solitaire stones between 0.10 and 0.50 carats sit at the heart.




The House of Tiffany & Co.: Paper Flowers

Reed Krakoff's very first collection for the American jeweller, Paper Flowers consists of fine and high jewellery pieces. The three-petal floral motif is either studded with diamonds, polished to perfection or crafted as an outline, and then accented with tanzanite – Tiffany & Co's legacy gemstone. What distinguishes the Paper Flowers from all other floral inspired jewellery is its deconstructed design, where individual petals are delicately pinned together creating the floral motif.