This is the alphabet pendant necklace the celebs are totally loving

This is the alphabet pendant necklace the celebs are totally loving

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Image: Instagram | @annoushkajewellery

Wearing your initials à la Annoushka’s Alphabet charm collection is the celebrity-certified jewellery trend to rock

What makes a perennial piece of jewellery? Are the deciding factors something along the lines of: A) It's an 18K gold piece, B) It spells out your initials in diamonds, and C) Every other It celebrity has been seen and spotted wearing it?

If you nod fervently to all of the above, then Annoushka Alphabet is the charm collection that's the bomb dot com. Beloved by some of the biggest names in Hollywood, the British jewellery label is celebrated for its charms, some of which are playfully adorable like these cactus, chilli and evil eye ones. Or if you want to channel a bit of rock and roll, there's even a charm series that immortalised music royalty Nick Cave, created in collaboration with Susie Cave under her own brand, The Vampire's Wife. So it stands to reason that classics (especially the classics, amirite) like the Alphabet pendants have struck a chord with A-listers, and will henceforth be recorded in the hall of jewellery fame. Below, the celebs who are onboard Annoushka's Alphabet Express, as well as some inspo on how to style your name:

The British singer-songwriter keeps it simple and classy.

Corinne Bailey Rae wearing Annoushka Alphabet pendant

Proves the Alphabet is perfect for even when you're in comfy, downtime threads. Optional to wear it on a long chain. 

Gigi Hadid wearing Annoushka Alphabet pendant

Going for two times the Annoushka, Elle Macpherson pairs her Alphabet with the Nectar Ruby necklace.


Okay, it's not the clearest, but here's the humble 'K' making it onto the cover of Elle around K-Stew's neck.

Kristen Stewart wearing Annoushka Alphabet pendant

Spotted at this year's Tribeca Film Festival, Lily James and her Alphabet pendant are the picture of modern sophistication.


Bang on-trend, songbird Pixie Lott wears hers layered up with other pendants and necklaces.

Pixie Lott wearing Annoushka Alphabet pendant

Shop the Annoushka Alphabet pendant here.

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