The Urwerk EMC Pistol gives you the power of control

Finger on the trigger

The Urwerk EMC Pistol gives you the power of control
A dark seductive machine that's the beta to its alpha

If the release of Apple's wearable technology seduced your horology loving soul, Urwerk's Electro Mechanical Control (EMC) Pistol says its high time to rejoin the dark side. First debuting their gamechanging interactive technology in 2014, the Swiss watchmakers have returned with the latest of its kind: A mean titanium machine with hand-engraved filigree, set between solid rugged crocodile straps. 

The wearer's control over the sleek stunner comes by way of the in-built electronic device that measures and records the mechanical movements in comparison to its reference oscillator, and detects differences right down to the microsecond. Hitting a single button, kickstarts the process. 

Here comes the fun part: Urwerk has placed the power of maintenence in your hands. Wear the hat of a watchmaker by making adjustments to the timepiece, and captain your EMC Pistol like a tight ship. 

Not just beautiful on the inside, hand-engraved filigree by Florian Güllert, master of firearm engraving, decorate the sides and lower half of the sturdy titanium case. Cradled above the artwork is a quartet of dials that indicates the seconds, hours and minutes, a beefy power reserve of 80 hours and its clincher — the disparity in seconds between movement and oscillator. 

Are you taking off that Apple watch yet?

Only five Urwerk EMC Pistol timepieces have been produced and is available at The Hour Glass. 

Text: Andrea Sim

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