This is quite possibly the only manicure-proof watch out there

This is quite possibly the only manicure-proof watch out there

Water baby

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Ladies, you won’t chip your mani ever again with the Jade Jellyfish by Ulysse Nardin

Swimming to a boutique near you is an aquatic beauty from Ulysse Nardin that's not only a stunner to behold; it's cleverly designed to protect your manicure. Cue the delighted gasps from women all around — it's high time we had a watch that paid attention to our feminine sensibilities, amirite?

Launched four years ago, Jade was the first watch that factored in a woman's delicate manicure when it comes to adjusting your timepiece. Without any pulling or tugging, winding the crown to set the time and date required but a simple turn, and a discreet indicator on the dial for said crown clued you in on which setting you were fiddling with. Brilliant. And now making a return with even more exquisitely crafted minutiae, the Jade has become the Jade Jellyfish, bearing a Champlevé enamel façade made using a rare technique wielded only by specialists. Staring at the marine-inspired motif is to appreciate a meticulous 5-step process where the dial plate is first carved with a chisel and filled with a vitreous enamel before getting heated, smoothed with a file post-firing and then finally — and delicately — enhanced by chiseling all the metal parts on the surface.

Ulysse Nardin Jade Jellyfish

The soft teal and pink colour palette is further highlighted with diamonds set into the dial to reflect the ethereal nature of a jellyfish's streaming tentacles, totaling 114 solitaires including the diamonds around the bezel. Water-resistant up to 30 metres, the Jade Jellyfish is equipped with a mechanical self-winding movement comprised of the Ulysse Nardin calibre UN-310, which has a silicium escapement for precision and durability. But most importantly, it's manicure-proof thanks to a little pusher at 4 o'clock that simplifies the winding and adjusting of the date and time. Perfect nails and perfectly on time, check and check.

The Jade Jellyfish is available at the Ulysse Nardin boutique.