Ulysse Nardin goes to Cannes with the Executive Skeleton Tourbillon Hyperspace

Ulysse Nardin goes to Cannes with the Executive Skeleton Tourbillon Hyperspace


Text: Angelyn Kwek

Debuting at the Promenade de la Croisette, Ulysse Nardin launches its new Hyperspace watch right into the heart of the Cannes Film Festival

What do Ulysse Nardin, Star Wars, and the Cannes Film Festival have in common? Well, there is only one right answer and it's the Executive Skeleton Tourbillon Hyperspace. A three-way connection that sees a watch manufacture, a pop culture franchise, and the most prominent festival in filmmaking coming together, Ulysse Nardin has partnered up with the Cannes Film Festival to create a thing of beauty, art and excellence inspired by (of all the possible choices) the Falcon Millennium.

So named the Hyperspace, the new tourbillon is a highfalutin symbol repping the parallels between watchmaking and filmmaking, focusing the lens on the fact that many components, expert hands and innovative thinking define the creative process in order to fashion a perfect whole. And while there is no set formula for hitting it out of the ballpark, if all the right elements align when the gears turn and the lights go down, then the end product is almost surely something magical. As testament to this, the Hyperspace is a visually high impact timepiece that not only cops the glamour of Cannes and wow factor of the iconic Star Wars craft, it rides the maison's 'Freak Me Out' aesthetic with aplomb by colouring the signature rectangle bridge in a spectrum of shades using techniques of fine-micropainting and miniature painting.

Ulysse Nardin Executive Skeleton Flying Tourbillon Hyperspace

Ulysse Nardin Executive Skeleton Flying Tourbillon Hyperspace

Visible only under a microscope, the explosion of colours contained within the frame — of which there are infinite possibilities – are filled in by hand using a brush the width of a single eyelash, thereby bestowing a character and depth that's unique to each timepiece. Accompanying this unique design is a flying silicium tourbillon and a 7-day power reserve beating to movement of the UN-171 calibre. The seemingly floating façade also includes oversized Roman numerals and sword-like hands — a look that's purposely kept minimally graphic to highlight the stark beauty of the skeletonised mechanics. Part art piece and part haute horlogerie that plays to Cannes tradition of showing unknown forms of cinema to the public (or in Ulysse Nardin's case, unknown forms of artistic collusion), the Hyperspace has taken its place among the stars.

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