Tudor makes a big splash with its new diving watch, the Pelagos

Tudor makes a big splash with its new diving watch, the Pelagos

At home underwater

Text: Angelyn Kwek

If you’re going under the water 625-metres deep, the Tudor Pelagos is the advanced diving watch to gear up with

Being named after the Greek word that relates to 'living in the open sea' kind of sets the precedence for Tudor's diving timepiece. And for those who don't exactly follow the life and times of the maison, other than knowing the famed Black Bay inside out, their #BornToDare spirit actually harks back to the '50s when the first Tudor diving watch entered the scene. It was cutting-edge, robust, and widely favoured by divers both professional and amateur, and had even served time in naval forces around the world. That iconoclastic piece of watchmaking was the reference 7922, and its legacy now sees a successor known as the Tudor Pelagos.

Tudor Pelagos

The most advanced diving watch in the Tudor collections, the Pelagos is certified ISO standard 6425 right off the bat — the international grade that defines a timepiece as an official diving watch. Curiously though, the criteria to attain this standard is only 100 metres depth wise, which doesn't sound like a lot but the maison far exceeds this mark as each Pelagos has been QC-ed to tough it out at up to a whopping 625 metres down in the deep. A titanium case — for its strong yet lightweight properties — houses a Tudor in-house movement with a 70-hour power reserve, framed by a unidirectional rotatable bezel made of ceramic.

There's also a fully luminescent display for perfect legibility even in low light conditions, while a patented auto-adjusting clasp on the bracelet delivers a comfortable fit by expanding and contracting according to the water pressure whenever a diver goes under or surfaces. Kind of like how a wetsuit works, keeping the Pelagos snug around the wrist (a rather genius bit of mechanism, no?). This is one watch that's born for the ocean.

Tudor Pelagos

The Tudor Pelagos is available at Tudor boutiques.

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