Tom Ford 001: Feast your eyes on the sexiest unisex watch

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

The name’s Ford. Tom Ford

007 might be the most famous arrangement of numerals in the world, but 001 is the next codename to associate with dangerously sexy, thanks to Tom Ford (happy coincidence: Bond's suit of choice is a TF made-to-measure). Set to launch a timepiece edit to its name in the coming months, the designer's signature aesthetic is finally getting a transposition from fashion to fine watches with the Tom Ford 001 collection.

Featuring four permutations of sleek, rectangular silhouettes — combinations include two case sizes in either polished or brushed stainless steel — that not only rewrite the gender code on watches, this unisex creation is the first of its kind with a thoughtfully designed watchcase that lets you swap straps oh-so-simply by gliding them in and out through the lugs. Besides being functional, this interchangeability is a mark of style that adds attraction points to the Tom Ford 001, with a vast wardrobe from hand-woven braided leather to pebbled grain or alligator options.

Just a shade shy of scandalous, as with all things Tom Ford, check out the gallery above to see how this is one watch that's going to be synonymous with titillating.

The Tom Ford 001 will launch exclusively at the Tom Ford boutique in September.


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