That touch of luxe: The new Tiffany & Co. Home & Accessories collection

That touch of luxe: The new Tiffany & Co. Home & Accessories collection

Purveyors of good taste

Text: Angelyn Kwek

You never knew you needed a sterling silver pillbox

You know that feeling you get when you stare at your living space and something's just missing? That perfect finishing touch, as it were. Cue the trawling through of garage sales hoping to score a piece of pristine decor for the empty spaces in your setup, be it your yuppie bookshelf or your minimalist worktable. But you can soon put those treasure-hunting days behind you because your decorative options just got a massive upgrade with the debut of Tiffany & Co.'s Home & Accessories collection.

Born from the notion that beautiful things are meant to be on display, this new homeware collection is the House's take on modern living and how luxury is found in everyday objects. Crafted from the finest materials by artisanal hands and injected with Tiffany's unique brand of wit and whimsy, even the most innocuous of items become an extraordinary novelty. We're talking twisty straws in yellow and rose vermeil finishes, rulers in sterling silver and wood, and even a pair of table tennis paddles covered in fine leather dyed in a Tiffany Blue/black colour combination. You get form, function and quality with that quintessentially Tiffany & Co. tongue-in-cheek aesthetic, and doing everyday tasks are no longer humdrum ever again. So go on, pop your daily multi-vitamins from a sterling silver pillbox and make it an indulgent ritual.

Check out the curios that'll spruce up your home and hearth:

The Tiffany & Co. Home & Accesssories collection will be available from 1 November.