Iconic collections from Tiffany & Co. reimagined

Iconic collections from Tiffany & Co. reimagined

Three time's the charm

Text: Andrea Sim

Design director Francesca Amfitheatrof puts her touch on three of the jeweller's classical collections

Modernity meets three of Tiffany's icons in the latest incarnation of the house's classic designs. The elegance of the Bow, Infinity and Victoria series have been redefined by Francesca Amfitheatrof, the design director of the storied jeweller. 

Tiffany Victoria

Recognisable by a floral cluster of marquise diamonds, the collection was initially inspired by a diamond corsage ornament displayed at a Tiffany's exhibition in the year 1889. Nearly two decades past the millenium, contemporary round and pear-shaped diamonds have come to evoke the feminine beauty of the signature motif instead, cradled in platinum pendants, bracelets and earrings. 

Tiffany Bow

A collection brimming with heartfelt sentiment and tender emotions, the bow motif takes us back to a time where a piece of thread is looped in a bow around the finger to keep a loved one close to the heart. Delicate wisps of 18-karat rose gold and white gold have been moulded to form the slender curves of a bow presented on chokers, cuffs, and of course, rings — a perennial favourite. 

Tiffany Infinity

A symbol that boasts timeless beauty and needs no introduction. In order not to detract from the power of the motif, Amfitheatrof pares-back the collection that celebrates time and its boundless possibilities on necklaces and rings. Fashioned from sterling silver and 18-karat gold sparingly garnished with diamonds, the jeweller showcases its much-loved forte in minimalism with this collection. 

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