This is the charm collection every Nick Cave fan will covet

This is the charm collection every Nick Cave fan will covet

Rock and roll

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Ever wished you could have your fave Nick Cave song as a literal lucky charm? Now you can with The Vampire’s Wife x Annoushka collaboration

If your taste in fine jewellery is as noncore as your taste in music — and there's a dedicated playlist of all songs Nick Cave on your Spotify — you'll be psyched to know the gothic rock legend is now immortalised as a charm collection by Annoushka. Designed in collaboration with The Vampire's Wife, otherwise known as the fashion brainchild of Cave's wife, Susie, the capsule lineup is a 13-piece edit based on Susie's favourite Nick Cave songs.

With each charm visualising a famous song verse (and its associated memories) in 18K gold, the classic charm bracelet now becomes unconventional with an element of playful wittiness, stamped with the idea-driven, subversive aesthetic unique to The Vampire's Wife. Combined with Annoushka's refined craftsmanship, every piece is a highly detailed labour of love delightfully wrought with moveable components or precious stones. As shared by Susie: "The charm bracelet was an idea my husband and I have had for years. The songs he writes are often very visual
and can be represented by simple symbols. I wanted 
to make a piece of jewellery that took the idea of the traditional charm bracelet but played around with it, in that each charm corresponded to one of my favourite
of Nick's songs. But we could never find a home for the idea. Then Annoushka came along! I had long been a fan of her breathtaking artisanship and intricate, playful designs. Annoushka became the perfect collaborator."

Now check out the lyrical lucky charms below:

The Vampire's Wife x Annoushka collection will be available online from 9 January.