The Chaumet Dandy is the emblem of elegance

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The Chaumet Dandy is the emblem of elegance
For the man who values sophistication and style, the Dandy watch is your ideal companion

A firm believer in only yielding the finest creations, Chaumet has been extoling a meticulous refinement for over two centuries, catering to cultured crowds who appreciated distinguished luxury. In 2016, the French maison has rallied their esteemed values and expertise to re-launch the Dandy as a mark of their distinct, impeccable spirit.

Fashioned for discerning gents back in the day, this singular timepiece has retained the codes that made it a perennial classic. The cushion-shaped case — inspired by the cut of the largest diamond of the Crown Jewels, the famed Regent — and the bayadère-stripe motif which graces the dial have been reinterpreted onto its latest incarnation. Featuring two versions, one in a 42mm steel case and another in 38mm pink gold frame, with a self-winding mechanical calibre beneath a timeless black dial, the Dandy cuts a classic yet modernised profile.

Juxtaposing the polished bayadère striped watch face is a skeleton sapphire case back that glimpses into its complex mechanical core, making for an all-round visually bold statement. An understated accentuation of virile confidence, the Dandy exudes an urban savvy that'll rank you as a debonair gent more sophisticated than most.

The Dandy is available at Chaumet boutiques.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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