Rainbow rhapsody: The Tamara Comolli Colour Stories

Meet Candy and Capri

Rainbow rhapsody: The Tamara Comolli Colour Stories
Embrace an explosion of vibrant fine jewellery creations from German-based label Tamara Comolli

Injecting some much needed joviality and fun into fine jewellery is the eponymous label Tamara Comolli, hailing from the shores of Germany's Lake Tegernsee where inspiration abounds in the form of picturesque sights and sounds. Steeped in this sublime atmosphere and steered by #LadyBoss Comolli — whose great love for the sun and seas influences her organic designs — is it any wonder that the brand is brimming with a brilliant vivacity even 24 years down the road?

Tamara Comolli Fine Jewellery

Beloved by a loyal following in their home continent and the States for their eye-catching conversation pieces, the Colour Stories are representative of Tamara Comolli's core. From uncompromising quality to dedicated craftsmanship captured in a kaleidoscope of sensational gemstone hues hallmarked by the iconic drop and acorn shapes, it's the extraordinary brought to life with a mix-and-match ensemble of statement rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets.

Collections specially curated by the Tamara Comolli team, the breathtaking Candy and Capri Colour Stories (two of the best-selling series out of a whopping 30) clinches top spot in our book with its summery vibe that all but declares exotic resort vacay. Featuring a colour medley of precious stones such as beryl, amethyst and orange mandarin garnet for the former and carnelian, natural turquoise and white opal for the latter, these unique pieces are intimate layers of timelessness that draw a strong emotional connection. Set to be the must-have jewellery on your wishlist, aficionados of beautiful treasures will be hopping onto the Tamara Comolli train faster than you can say 'colour us infatuated'.

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

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