Tag Heuer designs a watch for Cara Delevingne

Tag Heuer designs a watch for Cara Delevingne

And it's a beauty

Text: Kenneth Tan

An It Watch fit for the wrist of the It Girl of the moment — the Swiss watchmaker gives its iconic Carrera the fashion treatment

That girl with the famous pout and bold eyebrows now has a watch to her name. British supermodel Cara Delevingne's rise to prominence had much to do with her unique look and that elfin charm that she portrays away from the cameras. This year, her collaboration with this Swiss avant-garde watchmaker has also resulted in a timepiece which bears many characteristics of her recognisable personality.

In the special edition designed for Delevingne, you'll find an elegant case of black, titanium carbide-treated steel and a clear charcoal grey sunray dial.  Rose gold-plated appliques and hands add that feminine touch. That juxtaposition of darker elements and feminine grace is very much a part of what she represents. In the same vein, the case-back is engraved with the words 'Cara Delevingne Edition' and stamped with a lion's head  — the star sign under which Delevingne was born in August 1992. On the inside of the strap is her signature in rose gold.

All in, a total of six versions of this special Carrera timepiece are made available with variants set with either white or black diamonds, and one that is equipped with an aged black calfskin strap, padded with tone-on-tone stitching to recall the level of detailing and finery of haute couture