Digital grandeur: Tag Heuer's Connected Watch in 18K rose gold

Digital grandeur: Tag Heuer's Connected Watch in 18K rose gold

Bold and gold

Text: Bianca Husodo

The luxury Swiss watch maison reignites the smartwatch hype with a rose gold polish

The Connected watch came in with quite a buzz during its debut late last year — sparking equal fanfare from smartwatch enthusiasts and Tag Heuer devotees. In place of the customary artisan handiwork of a skilled watchmaker, the Tag Heuer timepiece exhibits a sapphire crystal touchscreen that runs on an Intel software in collaboration with Google Android — an advanced digital movement for the house.

The recent Monaco Grand Prix 2016 sees an addition to the Connected watch series unveiled alongside the
Red Bull Racing Team timepiece. Amped up with the savoir-faire of 18 karat rose gold, the 46-millimetre calibre of traditional craftsmanship is rightfully celebrated alongside the high-tech innovation. Featuring 4GB memory space and the latest-generation lithium battery providing an entire day of autonomy, the avant-garde timepiece is fitted with a small microphone enabling the wearer to operate it through Google Voice control. The whole IP67-certified watch can be synchronised with a mobile phone operating on Android 4.3+ or iOS 8.2+. 

tag heuer connected watch in 18k gold
Still not buying the premium smartwatch notion? Don't worry — equipped with a two-year warranty, you can give the Connected Watch a go and have the option to exchange it for a Swiss-made Carrera Calibre 5 mechanical watch. Take a quantum leap of faith — because who knows you might just be head over heels about it? You'll never know till you try it.

The Tag Heuer Connected in 18K rose gold is available upon request at all Tag Heuer boutiqeus and authorised retailers.