It's snow time for the Corum Golden Bridge

It's snow time for the Corum Golden Bridge

Let it snow

Text: Karishma Tulsidas

In the words of Jim Jarmusch, "Nothing is original." But there are certainly some exceptions to that rule, and the Corum Golden Bridge was one of those pioneering timepieces whose effect is still felt in the watchmaking industry today. Before the Golden Bridge, the movement was always at the service of the design, and hidden by the dial. But watchmaker and iconoclast Vincent Calabrese felt that it was a shame that it remained out of sight, and endeavoured to create a timepiece where it would be given pride of place. Thus was born a vertical movement with linear gear trains.

The timepiece was presented at the 1977 Geneva International Inventors' Show, where it caught the attention of Corum founder René Bannwart. The two embarked upon a fortuitous collaboration, and the first Corum Golden Bridge was released in 1980. Of course, creating a vertical movement was filled with trials and tribulations, not least because Bannwart wanted it to be rendered in gold. The two persevered, and today, the Golden Bridge remains a pillar - pun intended - of the Corum family.

The purity of the case, where the crown hides in plain sight, offsets the negative space around the vertical movement encased between two sapphire crystals. It truly makes for an exceptional work of kinetic art. Watching the timepiece in motion - especially the tourbillon version - is akin to appreciating a museum-quality sculpture. The collection has since grown to encompass a plethora of styles and complications, and unsurprisingly often derives its inspiration from the architecture. 

The Corum Miss Golden Bridge in white gold with snow-set diamonds

For 2019, however, Corum has perhaps been inspired from its hometown of La Chaux-de-Fonds, where the ground is covered with snow for most of the year. The Golden Bridge and Miss Golden Bridge timepieces have been snow set with lavish smatterings of diamonds. Snow setting is notably challenging, as the varying sizes and placement of the diamonds seem haphazard, but are in fact deliberate. The two versions come in white gold and pink gold. 



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